When I got pregnant at the age of 19, I struggled. Initially, I didn’t want to be pregnant, and I certainly didn’t want to face up to motherhood. It all seemed so very wrong. I was frightened, overwhelmed, and at a complete loss as to what to do. If you’ve just found out, you are pregnant, do get in touch. I know it’s scary, I’ve been there. You can contact me 24/7, and I will be there to reassure you and tell you that you can cope, despite enormous trepidations. Please fill in the form below or send me an email at stella@mommieagain.com.

Don’t, for a moment, think that I only want to hear from teenage moms. On the contrary, there are lots of reasons for contacting me.

Young Moms Stand Together

Through this website, I have met lots of young moms. We openly discuss the trials and tribulations of teenage parenthood and support each other. Many moms have helped each other through difficult times. We also share laughs and fun times, and show the world that being a teen mom can be a true joy! If you’ve been there and would like to share your story or give advice, make sure to get in touch. Equally, if you are struggling, you can be sure one of us has experienced similar difficulties and will be glad to help. You can share you story by submitting a guest post. Doing this can you give you an opportunity to share your story and influence others! If you want to write for us, please get in touch. I would love to hear your experience!

Young Dads

Teenage pregnancy can be even more daunting for young dads. You are welcome here too! Whether it’s knowledge you would like to share, feelings you would like to vent or problems you need to be sorted, do contact me without delay.

Teenage Pregnancy Support Professionals

If you work with teen moms and dads and can spare some time, please tell us about your work and share your knowledge. Any professional advice published here so far has been extremely well received and deeply appreciated.

Groups, Centers and Events

I also publish information on groups, centers and events for teen parents. Please submit details of your organization so I can publicize it for the benefit of our many website visitors.

US Hispanic Community

We are from Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA. You may not be aware of it, but there is a large community of Spanish-speaking people regularly visiting this website. Among us, there is a real sense of family and togetherness and I would love you to be part of it too.

Foodies and Vegetarians

Carlos and I are vegetarians and so are Felix and Maria. We have put a lot of effort into making sure our kids have a healthy vegetarian diet. At this point, we know a lot about the nutritional needs of kids and how to meet them with a vegetarian diet. You can also share your recipes or get our advice.

Products, Services and Job Opportunities for Teen Parents

Businesses who provide products or services for teen parents can contact me for promotional purposes. You may advertise on my website, have products or services reviewed, or simply submit a post about your company. I would also like to urge businesses open to employing and facilitating young parents to get in touch. It can be quite difficult to combine employment with parenthood, and opportunities can be hard to come by. If you could see yourself supporting teenage parents in this manner, please let me know. Rest assured, it won’t take long to find a plethora of great candidates for your vacancy.

Contact Details

Please fill in the form below or send me an email at stella@mommieagain.com. I check my emails on a daily basis and look forward to hearing from you in the not too distant future.