Why Luxury Vinyl Tile Flooring Is The Best Answer To Your Flooring Needs

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Luxury Vinyl Tile flooring is best replacement for hard surfaced flooring materials as you must have experienced in case of stones or wooden floors. It is because the LVTs are made of several layers which are fused under heat and pressure to give a warm and comfortable feeling under your feet when standing on them. Also, the thickness of these tiles are responsible for a cushioned coating which is softer than wooden or laminated flooring options making LVTs the most comfortable option of flooring. You can even opt for them for heavy traffic commercial use as the floor will remain protected due to its advanced manufacturing processes.

  1. Price

First of all, LVT flooring is the most affordable option to go for when you are looking for renovating or new designing options. Secondly, it is cheaper than wooden and other hard surfaced flooring materials which requires more maintenance and hence cost more than LVTs. And thirdly, you would not need to spend a hundreds of dollars even for their installation as this process also doesn’t cost you much as compared to others.

  1. 3D Prints and Beautiful Designs

You have literally no limit when coming to selecting the designs of your tiles. You have variety of options to choose from while its 3D technology just make it stand out in the crowd. There are so many beautiful designs available in a great range of colors which you can hardly find in other flooring options.

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  1. Safe and Environment Friendly

LVTs are extremely environment friendly due to the material they are made of. This makes the LVT floorings meet the Green Building Standards which is good for your family health as well. Also, they are safe to use as these tiles resist slippage and flammability. So they meet all the safety standards set for flooring materials.

  1. Easy to Install and Replace

LVT flooring is much easier to install and doesn’t require much time, effort and cost while it is the same case when you wish to replace them as well. This means both installation and uninstallation is very easy and once you like to change the design of your floor, you can easily go for that without giving it a second thought.

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  1. Soundproof Tiles

The best thing about LVT flooring is that it offers soundproof walking as compared to wooden, stone or laminate floors. It is because of the thickness of tiles which subdues the sound produces by walking on them.

  1. East to Clean

LVT floors are very easy to clean as they don’t require any special treatment which is a very good thing about them. You can just sweep them normally to get off the dust and then mop with plain water or some mild household cleaners added in it.

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  1. Durability

Of course durability is a main thing that matters the most whenever you go for a flooring option and LVT flooring satisfies you here amazingly. You can even go for more thickness of you want them to last longer while average thickness also lasts very well compared to others.