Ways To Lower Your Risk Of Developing Cancer

It’s pretty impossible to assure that you’ll never develop cancer in your lifetime, but there are plenty of lifestyle choices you can make to reduce your chances.  What we know about cancer is rapidly evolving, but there is still no inarguable cure.

The best way to fight against the development of cancer is to treat your body right along the way.  The instances of late cancer diagnosis are far too real to rely solely on the doctor to keep you safe.  Here are a few ways you can augment your lifestyle to make cancer a much less likely outcome.  

Avoid using tobacco

It’s a well-known fact that smoking kills, but do you really know the specifics of why?  A typical cigarette has over 4,000 different chemicals in it, and most smokers smoke at least five per day.  Even chewing tobacco has significant health risks associated with its use.

Smokers and “dippers” have a heightened risk of developing many different kinds of cancers – including lung, mouth, throat, pancreatic, bladder, cervix, and kidney.  Even those who don’t smoke can be put at risk by simply being around secondhand smoke.

Avoid heavy drinking

It’s perfectly safe to have a glass of wine every night with dinner, but heavy (or chronic) drinking can do a number on your body.  Most people are aware the alcohol is rough on the liver, but it actually affects every system in your body.  

You are at risk of developing cirrhosis of the liver, breast cancer, colon, lung, and kidney cancer when you drink heavily on a regular basis.  Save the drinking for the most special of occasions, and keep your alcohol intake to a minimum to avoid a higher risk of developing cancer.

Keep your weight under control

Maintaining an ideal weight for your frame is important to avoid many different health risks, including a higher risk of developing certain cancers.  Breast, prostate, lung, colon, and kidney cancer have all been linked to obesity in one way or another.

Keeping your body under a minimal amount of stress will help you live happier for longer.  Try to maintain a habit of working your body for at least 150 minutes a week, and if you can do more, then great.  

Protect your skin from the sun

If you didn’t already know, skin cancer is one of the most avoidable types of cancer.  What doesn’t make sense is that it is also one of the most common occurrences of cancer.  Be smart, and protect yourself from unnecessary risk.

Avoid going out in the midday sun, as the sun’s rays are a bit stronger during this time.  Take refuge in the shade whenever possible if you do choose to hang out outside, and don’t skimp when applying your sunscreen.