Tricks for Clean and Organized Bathroom

As anyone who has ever had to scrub the bathroom clean will tell you – it seems like you could spend the entire day cleaning, yet by tomorrow it would look like you could do it all over again. It’s the room with the most foot traffic in the house (besides the kitchen), and no wonder it gets dirty so easily, especially if people you live with are reckless and used to you taking care of everything. When you can’t rely too much on those you live with, you can rely on these useful tricks and have clean and organized bathroom.

Vinegar is your friend

You would be amazed to discover what vinegar can do for your bathroom! It’s literally magic: it makes shower heads and faucets sparkle, combined with baking soda it can unclog your drains and clean your toilet, and it will even clean out the dirty grout. Not only is it not toxic like some of the store-bought cleaning products, but it’s cheap too. If you’re worried about the smell, you can try making your own cleaning solution by pouring vinegar over citrus peels and leaving it for a couple of days. This way you will get an effective cleaning solution which you can use in your entire household which also smells fantastic.

Use the steam

Tiles are the best because they look great and are very durable, but they are also a pain to keep clean. Every fingerprint and water stain show, and if you want a spotless bathroom, you will have to scrub them thoroughly at least once a week. Luckily, you can clean them quickly if you use your shower. All you have to do is spray the walls and the floor with a basic bathroom cleaner and steam up the room by running a hot shower. Close the door and leave the steam in for about 20 minutes, and after that simply use a rag to wipe down the walls and floor.

Shelves are golden

It doesn’t matter if you live alone or you have three children and two pets to take care of, you probably have a million things in your bathroom: toys, shampoo and conditioner bottles, cloths, towels, and the like. To minimize the mess, you can try adding more shelves which will help you get organized. Add a small caddy, cabinet, or a couple of shelves right above the toilet where you’ll keep these essentials. This way, not only will your things be within reach, but other surfaces will be clutter-free. You can also try adding a shower caddy in the shower and you can keep your soaps, shampoos, and your kids’ favourite toys so you don’t have to run around looking for them in the middle of a bath.

Clean the fan

A bathroom fan will keep the air clean, but that means there will be plenty of grime and dust build-up. It’s important to wash and clean it thoroughly at least once a year, even if it means covering the entire bathroom with fan grime. If, however, you’d like to prevent such dust build-up in the future, you can always treat your bathroom fan with a coat of wax. Make sure they are completely dry before applying wax, otherwise it won’t be effective, buff off the wax and you’ll be left with shiny clean fans which will be much easier to clean in future.

Stay dry

Water stains are the worst, and they appear every day after you brush your teeth, wash your hands, and take a shower. To minimize the ‘damage’ they make, always have a nice shower mat you can step on when you finish showering, and use a squeegee to remove all water from the floor. Freestanding baths are practical because you don’t have to manoeuvre around its legs and you are less likely to make a mess than you would in the shower (provided that you use shower curtains of course).

Taking care of a household is never easy, especially when everyone relies on you, including the pets! Losing nerves over other people’s recklessness is common, but instead of being angry and nervous, you can try using some tricks which will help you keep the bathroom spotless and neat for days. In addition, you can try blackmailing members of your family and make them help you out; if nothing, they will learn to respect and value what you do for them. 😉