Top tips for decluttering your home

Clutter is not a bad thing. It is not like your house is a corporate office where every paper clip has its own drawer and location. There are things you use from time-to-time that do not need to be out all the time, but on the other hand do not need to be put in the attic with the Christmas decorations. Here are a few tips to help you cleverly conceal your clutter while making sure it is still available and ready when you need it.

Stackable Storage Boxes Are the Best

The fact is that every house has clutter, and much of the clutter is needed. We all have wires that are not useful right now, but you need to keep for the day when they are useful. You also probably have appliance manuals and warranties, plugs, batteries, and a whole host of items that do not have a designated place in your home. If you buy yourself some really useful boxes, you can stack your clutter in a cupboard where it is out of the way, but it is safe. Plus, if you put in a dehumidifier box with silicon in, then you need not worry about the things in the boxes smelling damp or mouldy.

Store Things in Clear Containers

There is a reason why glass jars and containers have been so popular for so many years. You can actually see what is in them. There is nothing worse than decluttering your house and putting every light bulb, screw, spare glasses case, into small tubs, only to have to search through every tub whenever you need them next. In addition, adding labels to your tubs and boxes is a good idea too.

Label Your Shelves in Your Storage Room

This sounds nuts, especially when people walk into your spare room and see things like a heater on a shelf with a label on the shelf that says, “Heater.” Yet, the label is not there to tell you what the item is, it is to tell you, your partner, your family, your guests and your cleaner where items should go. There are things like heaters, fans, fondue sets, that you do not need year round. Yet, if each does not have a designated (unquestioned) location in your house, then you will find that same heater stuffed in a cupboard, or behind a door, or somewhere else where it will clutter up your house.

Knowing What do Get Rid Of

There are some items that you will buy and use often, like a bread toaster. And, there are other items that you will buy, use a few times, and then not use for years, like a Soda Stream or Bread Maker. Knowing what to buy and what to sell is key to decluttering your house. For example, have you ever bought a pizza cutter? Why, when a regular knife cuts home-made pizza just fine, and all takeaway pizzas come ready-cut. People buy meat tenderisers, yolk separators, and garlic peelers, they use them a few times, and then completely forget about them. Why suffer the clutter when you can resolve to never buy them in the first place. Buy your garlic ready-peeled, your pizzas ready cut, and your pork ready-pulled and you will be a lot happier.