Tips For Staying In Shape During Your Pregnancy

When you get pregnant it can be easy to slip into naughty nutrition and exercise habits since many people see pregnancy as a sort of free pass to eat however you want and not have to engage in your typical healthy habits. However, the more that you let yourself slip during pregnancy the more work you will have to do to get your body back afterward.

It is important to remember that you are not simply an endless black hole which you can put any sort of food into and not expect to gain extra weight that isn’t necessary for the baby. In reality, you should only be consuming 300-400 calories extra per day for your baby. This means that you should still be consuming this on top of your daily recommended caloric allowance for your body type. For the average woman, this usually means around 2,000 calories.

Try doing the following things to stay in shape and you’ll bounce back to your pre-pregnancy body in no time.

Low Impact Exercise

Try to get in at least a bit of exercise which helps build your strength several times a week. There are a variety of low impact strength exercise that you can do like yoga, pilates, light weight lifting, mat work, and even stretching.

Make sure that you have proper workout clothing which allows your skin to breathe and permits your body to ease into its movements.

By keeping your muscles strong you will have more energy and feel less fatigued throughout the duration of your pregnancy. It will also be easier to get your body back into shape once you have the baby and start your fitness regime again. If your muscles haven’t been worked in a long time you will find less motivation to get into shape and it will be much more painful. If you are experiencing pain during your pregnancy which is stopping you from being able to do any exercise, then you may want to attend chiropractic for pregnancy services to see how they can help you through these next months tp make sure you are not struggling.

Try To Avoid Too Much Sugar

Sugar is the culprit of most foods that cause you to gain weight. When you consume too much sugar it is converted into fat and you will find that you gain much less weight during your pregnancy if you avoid it.

If you find yourself having sugar cravings try to opt for a natural source of sugar like a fresh squeezed juice or maybe some yogurt with honey on it.

Walk As Much As You Can

Try to walk as much as you can to keep your metabolism and energy up. If you allow your muscles to become jelly you will find that you are much more uncomfortable in your final months of pregnancy and following giving birth.

Try to make yourself take the stairs and if the store is less than a 20 minute from your house, opt to go by foot instead!