Tips For Moving Your Family to The Grand Canyon State

You have spent most of the last 10 years raising a family with your wonderful husband on the east coast. He came home and informed you of his awesome new promotion and a great pay raise to go with it, but the new job is in Arizona. You will have to pick up your roots and replant your entire life on the other side of the United States. After the shock has left and you are able to focus on the move and supporting your husband, you begin to consider the changes you might make. Let us help.


The climate in Arizona may not be what you’re used to if you are from somewhere like Tennessee. Average temperatures here in the summer run into three digits. In Tennessee, summer can get hot, but the average hovers around the high 80s. The rain in Arizona is very scarce with the yearly average rainfall around 8 inches. In a state, such as Tennessee, it would be closer to 50 inches a year and because of the lack of rain, dust storms are also a staple in Arizona.

Know The Reality Market

There’s nothing like moving across the country to a new city with the hopes of finding a nice place to live that’s in your budget, and close to your new job and discovering that your search may take more than a bit longer than you thought, because you didn’t find the right realtor. Make the phones calls, search the web, talk to your new boss and see if he recommends a certain community. Do the research. It will save you so much time and stress. Once you have found an appropriate society, you can then plan for the relocation process. in that regard, you can contact a reliable moving company like Atlanta Home Movers (you can visit to know more about their process) that can assist you in the moving process, making it much easier for you.

Cost of Living

A one bedroom apartment in Tennessee, on average goes for $857 a month. In Arizona, the same one bedroom apartment will go for $809. Wow! A cut in price is great, but we are talking about a family. When bumping up to a two bedroom apartment in Tennessee, you will pay, on average, $955. In Arizona, the same two bedroom apartment will be $1,258. See why it’s important to research a little? Find out what your grocery bill will be when you move. How much more expensive or cheaper will the staples of entertainment be? Are gas prices higher? All of these will impact how far that big raise will stretch and, in the end, how comfortable your new address and life will be.

Arizona is a great place to live! It’s wrought with history and the fingerprints of God, Himself are made manifest in the Grand Canyon, but this state, or any other for that matter, can be a taxing switch if you’re not prepared. Refer here frequently for tips to make the transition easier.