Tip For New Moms: Fight The Fright With Knowledge

Becoming a new mother is one of the most frightening times in a woman’s life.  It is also one of the most beautiful and breathtaking moments of a woman’s life, but the butterflies won’t last forever.  

When the crying begins, you don’t want to find yourself empty-headed or empty-handed.  Take a few moments to read through some of the best tips for brand new moms, and equip yourself with a bit of knowledge before embarking upon the journey of a lifetime.  

Tips for breastfeeding your child

The first thing to remember concerning breastfeeding is that it is the best nutrition source for your child, but you haven’t failed as a mother if you have to feed your baby formula.  Some babies simply don’t latch on to the mother’s breast at birth, and that’s okay.

There are an array of reasons why a mother may not have the opportunity to breastfeed their child, and there are sufficient alternatives.  Also, breastfeeding with implants is something to research.  Though it’s not necessarily bad for your baby, breastfeeding with implants may not work for you.

Don’t sweat the small stuff

Most parents spend excess money and time trying to make a “perfect” home for their first baby, only to quickly realize that those expensive accessories weren’t really all that necessary.  

For example, buying a slew of infant clothing.  Your baby will outgrow those clothes within a matter of weeks.  Let your baby shower do the work on the first few months of clothing, and focus on other more essential supplies.  

Diaper etiquette for new moms

When you’re changing your new baby’s diaper, there are a few things you should keep in mind.  For girls, remember to clean all the creases and crevices to avoid infection and irritation.  

When changing your baby boy, you’ll want to position his penis down, so when he pees it doesn’t end up leaking out of the top of his diaper.  

Don’t keep the house silent while baby sleeps

It’s not wise to try and hush everything and everyone while your baby is trying to sleep.  Your baby slept comfortably in your womb for 9 months while a whole bunch of sounds were bouncing around in their nest.  

Trying to quiet everything will only train your child to wake at the smallest of sounds.  Keep up the trend of your womb, and don’t make any special concessions while the baby is sleeping.  

Sleeping for comfort away from mommy

You’ll probably notice that it’s challenging to lay your baby down in their bed after you’ve lulled them to sleep.  The root issue with the transition is body heat.  Your baby is warm in your arms, against your bosom.  

Try placing a heating pad in your baby’s bed, underneath the covers, so when you lay your child down the bed is already preheated for comfort.