Things that matter about your office chair

Today, world’s biggest problem is the sedentary work life that most of people have out there. Least amount of muscular effort while sitting in office for hours doesn’t often result in healthy postures. Unhealthy sitting postures lead to increased pain in the lower back and this is evidently visible among most of the people out there. And, irrespective of their age!

A curvy posture while sitting puts huge amount of pressure on the delicate spine. Hence, the tissues and muscles of spine get affected and it leads to disc related problems.

The illustrations in this article will give you a fair idea as to what should be your correct posture and what you need to avoid while sitting on your office chair.

The key of sitting on office chair and maintaining a healthy posture starts from putting lesser pressure on the lumbar curve. An office chair should be designed in a way that is adjustable and allows you to move according your comfort. You can easily sense what chair is uncomfortable and putting pressure on your back. Frequent slouching means that you are not very comfortably sitting on the chair every day.

Here are few tips to understand your right posture to avoid severe back pain issues:

  • Your eyes should be exactly aligned to the screen of your computer while sitting on the work chair. Sit straight and you will find a correct right angle between your posture and your desktop.
  • The height of the chair should be adjustable for this purpose. A static chair is only going to bring discomfort and will put pressure on your spine.
  • Make sure that your lower body part meaning your thighs form a right angle (90 degree) with your upper body. If you find the need to put something under your feet to achieve this goal, go ahead. In case of ladies, high heels can be of use.
  • The back of the sure should have a resting pad that gives you a smooth sit on the chair. It also helps to maintain a proper gap between your back and the lower abdominal part of your body.
  • Along with your spine, you need to pay attention toward your shoulders and neck as well. For this, make sure that backrest of your chair is straight enough to be in-line with your back.
  • Another important part to consider while sitting on office chair is the right posture of your arms. While your work on your computer, your forearms should be slightly resting on your desk and should not put pressure on your shoulder muscles. To do this, you can adjust the position of your keyboard and mouse and set them up within the comfortable reach.
  • Last but not the least, the most important part of your office chair should be its 360 degree free movement. It provides a flexibility while working and your will not be sitting still for hours and hours. A flexible chair helps in relaxing the muscles of your entire body.