The Complete Guide to Designing Your Childs Playrooms

When your child is in their infant years, things tend to get a little messy. When we say things, we mean EVERYWHERE! From paints to crayons and crafts to toys. A child’s playroom needs to be designed with exceptional mess in mind.

Each day your child is ‘unleashing their creativity’ in their playroom, your cleaning schedule is getting longer more difficult. When you find the perfect room to turn into a child’s playroom, it’s good practice for your own sanity to plan ahead and use design materials which are going t make life easier later on.

Here are some neat tips and tricks to make sure you’re enjoying watching your child learn and grow, instead of fretting about making the damage come undone.

Easy to Cover Walls

Similarly, to office environments, white walls are the best colour option for if you frequently need to cover up marks, scuffs or redesign as your little one grows up.

There is nothing more tedious than trying to rebuy a wallpaper you bought years ago to cover up the shredded areas your toddler has created, especially when it took so long to make it perfect for your little one’s homecoming.

White walls make for an easy transition from messy to sleek again, no matter how many colours of felt-tip have been etched onto the wall. You can now embrace home-schooling tantrums and bedtime battles, knowing that your white walls act as a canvas which you can repaint over as many times as you like.

The Miracle of Vinyl Flooring

Many of us recall the inception days of vinyl flooring and its initially futile input to making domestic chores any easier. But change has finally come, and vinyl flooring is dominating the flooring market.

After years of development and tweaks to the manufacturing process, vinyl flooring is now advocated by household and professional home designers alike.

For security and practicality, Luvanto luxury vinyl flooring, is ideal for children’s playrooms because of the amazing anti-stain and anti-scratch properties. Forget about hours of scrubbing pen, paint or permanent marker and start enjoying your child’s creativity being unleashed.

If snack time also takes place in your child’s playroom then the moisture resistant technology on top of each plank and tile will help make dinner time accidents to swim, not sink into the floorboards.

Colours for All Ages

At some point (usually sooner than we’d like), your child is going to get to their next stage of development. Whether it’s from toddler to junior or junior to young teen, changes will need to be made.

With that in mind, choosing paint and furniture which is neutral brings longevity to the room. Should you choose to lay Luvanto luxury vinyl flooring in your child’s playroom, then we suggest having rubber caps on the bottom of your furniture to keep dents and scuffs at bay, especially if you have invested din solid oak.

It’s a simple matter of planning ahead when designing a child’s playroom which will eventually become their bedroom, to make the room the perfect space for creativity and imagination without it becoming a fixer upper. With white or neutral walls and Luvanto vinyl flooring, you’ll never be short on time to watch your child grow, every step of the way.