The Benefits of a Special Needs Camp Experience

When your loved one has special needs it is only natural to want to protect them. Often, this leads to them leading very sheltered lives. Thus, your child ends up with a very limited world view. Activities such as a special needs camp can really open doors for them and expand the world they know through new experiences. Here are some benefits to getting your child involved in a special needs camp.

Social Skills

Special needs camps give children a wonderful opportunity to work on their social skills in a fun and safe environment. They are exposed to other children that are disabled in a somewhat structured setting. This gives them the ability to create bonds and form friendships. You may find shy children become more engaged with peers they can relate to so they are more comfortable and will come out of their shells. It also gives many children a feeling of belonging and the awareness that they are not alone in their situation.

Physical Activity

Many parents find that their children are more willing to participate in sports and other physical activities when the groups are composed of other special needs kids. The competition is more leveled than at a traditional camp and the counselors encourage children to try new things. Hikes are a great way to give them an outdoor experience that they can continue at home. These camps promote physical activity that children find enjoyable making it more likely that they will want to continue this healthy habit.


Disabilities are not all the same. Many special needs children are used to being the ones that need help. During camp, they learn about the disabilities of others. Many times they are able to help one another with things they find difficult. This gives them a huge burst of confidence. With children who have similar disabilities, they find support from one another and can relate on a very personal level. This is another great self-esteem boost for them because they are finding a way to help each other emotionally.

Camp Barnabas

If you are the parent of a special needs child, Barnabas is a unique Christian camping experience that can offer life-changing experiences and fortify life-long friendships. The camp is located in Purdy, MO where they embrace the special needs community by giving them a place to be part of new experiences and learn about Christ.

Camp Barnabas was established in 1994 with the idea that individuals who were different could come to be around others who were different and those differences would be what unites them and create a loving friendship. Since its inception, the camp has expanded and continues to welcome and inspire the disabled community and their loved ones.