Teaching Your Kids About Your New Dog

Getting a new dog is wonderful; dogs are loyal, trusting and make brilliant companions for the young and old alike. Dogs are true members of the family and there is so much that kids can learn from them. You need to teach your children how to treat and look after your new dog though, and very quickly they will become the best of friends. Always remember, you can only teach your kids how to properly look after your new dog if you are well educated in the first place. Should you feel you need to learn new information regarding the proper care for your dog, then ensure to talk to your local vet, as well as research topics such as “can dogs die from hip dysplasia” online to learn more about the possibilities of dog ownership.

Calming an excited dog

Sometimes a dog, especially a new puppy, can nip or bite if they become over excited. It is important to tell your children not to add to this excitement, even though this might be the exact opposite of what they want to do. It is important to stand still, keep quiet and drop anything, like toys, that the dog might be interested in. This will make them seem very dull to the dog, but at the same time, stop your dog from nipping in excitement.

Teaching your child dog common sense
There are some basic rules when it comes to dog safety. Ask your kids to treat your new dog just like a new friend, you must never hit or hurt your friend. Keeping your pet fit and healthy is essential, so it is important to talk to your children about the right and wrong things to feed your dog. They might want to give them a piece of chocolate as a treat, unaware that it is one of the foods that can make dogs unwell. Help your children to understand that they must never creep up on a dog or make sudden noises, it can be very scary. Children are naturally sympathetic and should understand if you say “how would you feel if you got frightened by loud noises?”

Looking after your new dog
Children absolutely excel when you give them a little bit of responsibility. It helps children grow and become well-adjusted. Small tasks can include refilling your dog’s water bowl when it is empty, or even giving them the odd treat. Pets are so intuitive when it comes to children. There are adults all over the world that remember being poorly as a child and having their pet sit with them. Pets are a great comfort and love a fuss and cuddle. Teach your children that if they look after their dog, and are kind and loving, then the dog will look after them.