Practical and Straightforward Vacuum Cleaner Maintenance Tips

After committing your time and hard-earned cash to buy a vacuum cleaner, the last thing you want is for it to break down before you realize the value of your investment. Apart from keeping your floors shining, the best vacuum cleaners offer other benefits such as improving indoor air quality by eliminating allergens and controlling odors, among others. For you to realize such advantages for an extended period, nonetheless, you need to keep the vacuum cleaner in top shape.  Among the simple but straightforward measures you can include in vacuum cleaner maintenance include;

Keep the bags clean

Does your canister vacuum cleaner have an indicator of when a change is needed? Well, this makes things a lot easier, but you don’t have to wait for the alert. It is advisable to empty it once it is ¾ full. If you continue to run the vacuum cleaner with a full bag, you could affect its efficiency or even damage it as it struggles to create room for the dirt.

For bagless vacuums, you can regularly remove the canister, dump out the debris and dirt before and after vacuuming. This ensures that there is no dirt build-up in the canister and the vacuum cleaner. For enhanced efficiency, you can regularly rinse the canister with water. Take it outside and use the garden hose to avoid creating a mess in your house.

Give the filters some love

Don’t you love it when your vacuum cleaner leaves your floors and air clean? Well, the vacuum does a better job with clean filters, and you can quickly achieve it by regularly rinsing washable filters, say once a month, and replacing HEPA disposable filters at least twice a year or as recommended by the manufacturer.

Check the roller brush and belt

Apart from regularly cleaning the head casing, say after every three months, you can utilize this opportunity to dive in and take a look at how the roller brush and belt are. The brush roll can easily affect your vacuum cleaners’ effectiveness if debris trapped accumulates. Threads, hair strands, among other materials, can be caught in the bristles, and if they accumulate, the brush will be less effective as you vacuum. You can easily address this by removing the brush roll and cutting ripping off the debris with a pair of scissors or seam ripper.  Also, check for other concerns such as if the belts have slipped off the track and signs of wear.

Keep it safe

While concentrating on the vacuum’s mechanics, you can easily overlook the obvious elements. Your vacuum cleaner exteriors also need to be checked, such as ensuring that there are no exposed wires. If the cord is cracked, exposed wires could be a hazard, and apart from getting shocked while vacuuming, you could even cause a fire. The best way to handle this is to take it to a vacuum repair shop for repairs or replacement.

You don’t have to be a vacuum cleaner pro to keep it fit, and with the above tips, you can keep it running efficiently.