Playtime with a Twist: 3 Dog Toys That Have a Practical Purpose

If you’re anything like most people, then chances are you enjoy buying presents for your dog, treats and toys that are received with varying degrees of enthusiasm. Some dogs have a low play drive and prefer treats over toys. These dogs often need to be encouraged to play whereas still others have the word “play” permanently emblazoned upon their animated and excited faces. Nothing is worse than having toys ignored by the first or ripped to shreds in seconds by the second. When next purchasing playthings for your pet, consider the following 6 types of dog toys, each of which offers a particular practical purpose. 

Run, Fido, Run

Dogs that retrieve balls or discs thrown by their owners are gaining a number of benefits all at the same time. First, they’re developing a unique set of doggie skills. They’re learning to track the ball or the disc in the sky, and to hunt for it with their noses should they fail to catch it. They’re also engaging in vigorous, heart-pounding, life-sustaining exercise, an exercise that keeps their bodies lean and healthy. Throw these toys so as to avoid spectacular leaps and landings as these are potentially dangerous to your pet. Go for long, low, sweeping throws close to the ground, instead.

 Food Dispensing Toys Entertain Your Dog Even When You’re Away

There are a plethora of toys on the market at present which gradually dispense dry food to your pooch in response to the animal’s attempts to interact with the toy. The toy is filled with a portion of the dog’s daily kibble and these pieces of food are released as the dog moves the toy or solves specific problems. A side benefit of these types of toys is how well they prevent dogs from eating all their food at once. For a savorier treat, pack rubber Kong toys with a mixture of broth, kibble and peanut butter or cheese and freeze overnight. Give one to your dog as you’re leaving the house. He will have hours of entertaining pleasure as he works to get the goodies out. 

Look to Interactive Toys When Your Dog Needs a Mental Challenge 

Interactive toys may make your dog smarter, particularly when new toys present new challenges to solve on a regular basis. Even better, when you’ve worked a dog’s mind it becomes less necessary to tire its body. Dogs seem to take to the introduction of thinking toys best as puppies, but it is important to remember that small puppies have small bladders and to be prepared for their need to urinate, whether with frequent breaks or with puppy pads. Puppy pads trap the urine and allow it to be whisked away without contaminating the surface of the floor. Read up on how puppy pads work and stock up on them if you’ve got younger dogs.

Finally, be aware that dogs are constantly learning as they interact with their environment and with their people. Provide your pet with all he needs to be successful as your four-legged companion. Dogs are relatively simple. With consistent care, good food, and regular quality playtime with their owners who provide thoughtfully for their well-being day and night, they are capable of achieving whatever it might be that their human counterparts may desire.