Perfect Gift Ideas for Small, Intimate Ceremonies

If you’re one of a lucky few or perhaps even one of only two (as per the minimum witness requirements for official marriages) people invited to a very intimate wedding, you should indeed count yourself lucky because it likely means you’re one of the closest people to the couple in question. Otherwise small, intimate wedding ceremonies should not have any of us judging those who chose to go that route. We should all offer them nothing but our support, whatever their reasons may be.

So, you’ve been made wise to the fact that you have been designated a very valuable spot at the ceremony which is going to be small and intimate, but the inner sucker for special events in you has you feeling obliged to at least make the effort of organising a wedding gift. How do you go about it then, given the fact that you probably want to honour the implied dynamics around the fact that it’s a small and intimate thing?

Apart from making the effort to dress up, here are some perfect gift ideas for small, intimate ceremonies:

A travel voucher

Any voucher will in fact probably do, but I rate the best voucher to hand over to a couple as a gift to mark their small and intimate ceremony is one which contributes to something of their honeymoon to follow. It could just be one night at some high-end local hotel or you can go really big with it and you could perhaps rope in all the other people who have been nominated to form part of the small ceremony to chip in and make it a really special escape to remember.

The happy couple which indicatively demonstrates a lot of astuteness will probably appreciate that over some of the other, often corny options by way of wedding presents.

Something practical

If you’re going to insist on handing over a gift that will perhaps leave a lasting impression on the couple then it will have to be a practical one. Depending on what situation they’re in, i.e. whether they’re going the small ceremony route having already been together for ages or if they’re just starting out on their new life together, your physical gift has to make for something which they can use to ease the financial burden often associated with making a marriage work.

You don’t have to give it to them on the day of the ceremony itself, commissioning for its delivery to their home instead, for example.

Something consumable for the special day

This is very important as far as wedding present ideas go because what it demonstrates is that you are in support of their decision to keep things small and intimate. Give them something which can be enjoyed on the day, even if it’s in no way practical but yields to the festivities. Something like a pair of chocolate bride & groom candy apples fits in perfectly with the somewhat understated theme of something like a Las Vegas wedding or even something like a spa basket.

The key is for that gift to accompany your personal message of congratulations and support!