Parenting Tips For Picky Eaters

When your kids don’t seem to want anything you put in front of them you can get to the point of wanting to tear your hair out from frustration.  After a point when you have tried every Pinterest recipe possible and ask them nicely about 100 times yet still have no luck, you start to wonder how you are ever going to get them to eat their meals.While it is important to remember that this too shall pass and that even the pickiest of eaters will one day eat like normal healthy adults.  Try not to stress over it too much in the moment, but also try to make it through with a few parenting tips.  Here are some of the best ways to get your picky eaters to eat.

Sneak The Veggies and Fruit In

We all know that unforgettable face when you child identifies vegetables on their plate. “You want me to eat that???? Forget about it!”  If you have tried negotiating and it still won’t do the trick to get them to try out their vegetables, you should try offering juice or a smoothie instead.  By mixing fruits and vegetables together into a delicious blend, even the most suspicious of anti-veggie kids will drink the delicious alternative never suspecting all of the vitamin goodness within.

Another common cheat for picky eaters is blending vegetables into a tomato puree and mixing into spaghetti sauce.  You would be surprised how many greens you can liquefy into a tomato sauce that will slip right under their radar!

Use The Reward System

Although many parents promise themselves that they will never resort to bribery, it can be hard to stick to when you find yourself with a child that refuses to eat their food.

You can start to make small deals also known as the “reward system” which ensures that if they meet you halfway you will return their effort with a reward.  This can be anything from an activity to a new toy.  Some parents opt for a sticker chart which collects an accumulation of things they do to earn something.  This can work great for children who thrive off of praise.

Be a Good Example

One of the best ways to get your children to eat is to show them healthy habits.  If you are always eating your meals which are packed full of nutritious options and they see a good example of how a good eater finishes their meal, then they will imitate your actions.  

By always giving them the same as what you are eating they know that they don’t get any special treatment when it comes to meal time.  This will also lead to less frustration later in life at meal time.