Parenting 101: Teaching Your Teens About Makeuplight-colored eyeshadows

Every woman wants to be beautiful.

This begins at a very young age. And girls tend to notice makeup a lot sooner than in days past.

It’s common for 4th and 5th-grade girls who are about 10 and 11 years old to be drawn to lipstick and blush. If you have a daughter, you are going to face this reality sooner or later. But this experience can be a lot of fun, too!

It’s necessary to recognize that teen makeup needs are significantly different from adult makeup needs. A teen does not have the same issues as an adult. A teen’s skin is still “fresh-looking” and does not require the same attention as an adult makeup routine. A teen needs to understand that there is an age-appropriate amount and type of makeup to apply. This reason can be taken into account when a teenager is thinking to buy any makeup product. It might be easy for an individual to find e-commerce sites like JoyViva, which tends to supply some products that can enhance your natural beauty. Along with that, a teen must also understand the difference between day, night, and special event makeup while purchasing.

Inner beauty comes first, but don’t forget to express it on the outside!

As an aunt to two lovely girls, I raised them to believe first in their inner beauty, and then I gave them skills to express that beauty outwardly. It’s important for girls to value and take care of their outer appearance.

If your daughter is wearing too much makeup, this is a red flag that she needs more support. Sit down with her and ask why she thinks she needs to wear that much makeup. Get to the bottom of how she is truly feeling about herself.

It’s not too early to teach your daughter about her outward beauty and to encourage her to take care of her appearance — even at the tender ages of 5 and 6.

Here’s an age-appropriate guide for introducing your daughter to makeup according to Sigma Makeup Brushes Australia:

  • Ages 10-12: Help her discover what she likes and what feels right on her body. She can start to understand style, design lines, colours, and fit. This is a good age to introduce lip gloss and mascara as this will look very natural. It also allows her to start having some fun with makeup.
  • Ages 13-14: Add a good skincare regimen at this age. It’s vital that she takes care of her skin with so many hormones affecting it. Introduce a natural-looking foundation and instructions on how to use concealer.
  • Ages 15-17: Add blush, eyeliner and some light-colored eyeshadows. Include instructions on how to use makeup brushes and applicators appropriately.
  • Ages 18 and Up: At this point, your daughter should have enough background with makeup and some budding skills to explore on her own. If you have raised her true to her nature and taught her to honor her inner beauty, it is highly unlikely she will go overboard on makeup. She will be confident enough to want her outer appearance to honor her natural beauty. She won’t feel like she must hide her features or cover them up.

Probably the biggest mistake that most teens make is over applying makeup.

Over application is unhealthy for the skin; it can clog pores and create skin conditions that lead to more over application.

The most common mistake women make when doing their makeup is over-applying mascara. It’s a common misconception that more means larger lashes, which is simply not the case. Celebrity makeup artist and Butterfli Me beauty director Dusty Starks says, “we all want our lashes to look long and thick but two coats is all you need. Mascara dries pretty quickly so when you apply a coat and then a second coat, it’s already drying in between. If you keep putting tons of mascara on, coat after coat, it’s just going to get clumpy and make your lashes look spidery.” We recommend this line of Sigma brush that your teen can easily use.

Using too much concealer, foundation, and powder leads to a pancake face which can look like a “mask.” Only the appropriate amount of makeup can give the flawless, healthy look your teen is striving to attain. It is important to teach that, in many cases, less is more! The best look for a teenager is a light makeup application that supports their natural beauty and does not appear overdone. Additionally, using quality products can help makeup blend altogether to give a close to makeup-less look. You can introduce your teenagers to a few natural and vegan brands, such as Tarte or similar companies, which could be affordable and could provide accessories like a concealer brush, under-eye concealer roller, etc.

Make it an experience to remember!

Take your daughter to the makeup counter at a major department store or visit a Sephora store together if you have one in your area.

Makeup experts who represent the different lines would be thrilled to help a young woman learn skills for each of these stages. It would be a fabulous mother-daughter outing as well!

Applying makeup and trying out a new look is fun! The best part is, you can always wash your face and start all over again. When it comes to makeup, it’s always best to go with what makes you feel and look your best. That way, you can always pair a smile with whatever makeup you have on.

Can you imagine the glee on your little 11-year-old’s face knowing that after school she gets to go with her mom to learn how to wear lip gloss and mascara, and pick out her first two makeup products? You are creating an experience with your daughter that she will always remember.

And I bet you’ll remember it too.

I’d love to hear your stories about introducing your daughters to makeup! Or if you want to share your own memories of your first makeup experiences, please feel free! Share it in the comments!