On-Demand Mattress Companies Reviewed

On-demand mattress companies have become popular recently, particularly among dorm students, thanks to their convenience and time-saving benefits. Consumers don’t have to go inside a brick-and-mortar store anymore; they can just go online and, with a few clicks, have a mattress right in front of them. They have the option to have a look into many online reviews such as this one published by Current as just one example, and decide on which mattress could be the most suitable as their next purchase. Here are some of the most popular on-demand mattress companies and reviews:

Rush Mattress

Rush Mattress is a newer company that has a line of mattresses that are boxed and sold. This company is smaller and launched its boxed mattress at an October furniture show in North Carolina. The construction of the bed allows it to decompress and take shape in under a minute after being removed from the box. Rush is still relatively new, so there isn’t a lot of consumer buzz, but the company expects to have its first big test come the next school semester, when dorm-bound students begin ordering.


Featured on the Today show as well as in PeopleMagazine, the Lull mattress is an American-made product infused with gel memory foam in a three-layer design. This mattress draws heat away from the body to prevent you from getting too warm when you sleep (a blessing if you’re trying to save on air conditioning costs!). Lull consumers have especially been pleased with the comfortability of the mattress for people who have back pain or sleep in multiple positions through the night. Because Lull ships directly to you, you also save a lot of money. Lull offers a 100-night risk-free trial (as well as free nationwide shipping!) to help you decide whether its mattress is right for you.


Made by Soft-Tex, the DreamSmart mattress is a 10” memory foam mattress that is infused with gel. The label also offers other depths, including a 6” mattress. The mattresses are layered with a variety of materials, and customers were especially happy with the variety of choices offered by DreamSmart. The biggest complaint they had, according to reviews, was the high price.


Casper is another familiar mattress brand name. Casper mattresses are layered with memory foam and poly foam. Casper launched in 2014, and this all-foam mattress has been popular among dorm students and people who live in apartments and smaller housing. The Casper mattress is a little firm, and its “universal comfort” design is one-size-fits-all. A common complaint is that the design fails to live up to the one-size-fits-all advertising. The mattress, according to a Casper rep, is “optimal” only for sleepers under 250 pounds.


Saatva differs from other mattresses on this list because it actually has coils. The coils are foam-wrapped. The top layer of the mattress is organic cotton, and the mattress itself has two layers of steel coils, and several layers of foam in order to provide support. The pillow-top is soft, but if you’re someone who prefers a firmer bed, it may come across as too soft for you. Saatva is currently working on designs that will provide more spinal support. The style of this mattress is called “euro-style.”


The Yogabed mattress has four different layers of foam that offer support. The top layer is an inch of cooling foam, which helps draw heat away from your body. The middle is two inches of pressure-relief support foam, and there are two more layers of foam to stabilize the mattress. Customers liked the fact that the cover was easy to remove, but a main customer complaint was that there is some sinking in the mattress. For people who like a softer mattress, it will work well. But side sleepers and people of a higher weight could have problems.

All of these on-demand mattress companies have their benefits, and all of them provide boxed mattresses that can be shipped on-demand, directly to your door. Depending on your personal needs and budget, you will want to research these brands carefully to ensure that you know what you’re getting and have the support level you need.