Moms Get Depressed Too: How to Take Care of Your Mental Health While Taking Care of Others

Sadness happens to everyone, and is completely natural as things happen throughout our lives that are unexpected. However, if you are feeling sad and it lasts longer than two weeks, it may be more than just sadness. You could be suffering from depression. It is one of the most common mental illnesses in the United States and affects over 16 million adults every year. Some other symptoms include lack of interest in things you usually enjoy, lack of concentration, trouble making decisions, and extreme fatigue no matter how much sleep you get.

Moms Need Help Too

Caregivers such as parents are the most common target of depression, maybe because being a parent can cause stress and anxiety, mess up your hormones, and cause you to lose sleep and not eat right. If you are having any of the above symptoms or others that have you concerned, it is important to talk to a mental health professional. However, in the meantime, you can try some of these simple tips at home.

Take a Break

You do not have to do it all alone. In fact, you do not have to do it all, period. Let someone else help. And if you cannot find help, just let it go. Do it tomorrow. Unless it is something vital like feeding the kids or stopping the dog from eating the kids’ homework, just about anything can be put off until tomorrow.

Take a Walk

Go for a bike ride, go outside and do some yard work, or just get up and walk around the house. Any kind of physical activity will boost your endorphins. Those are the hormones that make you feel good. Just 30 to 45 minutes of physical exercise can get those endorphins flowing. If you get outside and walk you also get the benefit of sunlight and increase your Vitamin D, which also boosts your endorphins. So, get out and get moving.

Eat Right

You are what you eat is a real thing. If you live on fast food and coffee, you are not going to be at your best, physically or mentally. It is also not good for your kids. Make healthy meals and sit down for meals with your kids. If you are eating with your kids, you are more likely to eat healthy because you want them to eat right.


Just breathe. Concentrate on your breathing and count your breaths. By focusing on your breathing, you can forget about other things that may be bothering you. Relaxation is key. You can also try concentrating on music, a picture or object, or a phrase that you can chant to help you relax.

Talk to Someone Whether you are a mom, dad, grandparent, or whoever you are, taking care of yourself is important. For both you and those who count on you. How can you expect to be the best parent you can be if you do not even want to get out of bed? Talk to someone. Whether it is a loved one or a professional such as a therapist or counselor, talking to someone is the first step in feeling better. With online counseling sites like,  you do not even need an appointment, so you can get matched to the right counselor for you and start talking with someone much more quickly than traditional in-person therapy.