Making the Switch to Vaporizers

Smoking is old: really old. People have been smoking on one form or another for hundreds of years. Pipes, hookahs, and cigarettes have existed in various forms for almost as long, and the march of progress hasn’t left smokers behind. Traditional tobacco-burning methods of smoking are quickly becoming a legacy technology however, with the emergence of e-cigarettes and advanced glass pipes.

Know Why You’re Switching

E-cigarettes themselves have often been marketed as a quit-smoking aid, though it seems uncertain whether this is actually the case. What is certain is that e-cigarettes will only help people to quit if they’re already intent on quitting – switching to e-cigarettes isn’t going to do anything for your habit if you’re not convinced on quitting in the first place. Smokers who are thinking of making the switch to vaping should consider all the pros and cons of both before investing in expensive merchandise. While it’s possible to purchase inexpensive packs of e-cigarettes as one would a traditional cigarette, one of the benefits of vaping is the high-quality electronics themselves; with a bit of maintenance and care a single device can last you a long time indeed. If you’re not so fond of using the same device for a long span of time, you could consider investing in a disposable pen (take a look at so high extracts pens). No matter what you choose, quitting the habit of smoking might take some amount of time.

The Benefits of Vaping

The immediate benefit of vaping is the absence of combustion – traditional cigarettes are smoked by igniting the 4000-odd ingredients (including tobacco) and inhaling the smoke created. This produces second-hand smoke and harms those around the user. Vapers inhale vapor and steam rather than smoke, and the product emitted into the atmosphere is arguably less harmful to those around you. Having said that, if you’re interested in buying a vape pen or refill cartridges, check out online stores like canada cannabis dispensary. In case you are a fan of cannabis products, you can also find vape pens designed specifically for vaporizing marijuana flowers and concentrates.

Drip-Tipping and Mods

If you’re drip-tipping with your e-cig be aware that insufficient e-liquid will result in burning, and not all e-cigarettes are completely effective at dispersing their product without combustion.

E-cigarettes aren’t yet as widely available as regular cigarettes; to find high-quality products, you’ll probably need to visit a special vape shop or store or shop online through websites like weedsmart. Thankfully, they are starting to appear everywhere incredibly quickly. Vaping also has a social component, so many e-cigarette shops have bars and other gathering areas where regulars and customers can mingle while trying out new flavors. Additionally, vaporizers can be customized to your preferences in terms of output and appearance. Casings, tanks, and atomizers can be purchased alongside traditional glassware online from sites like GlassHeads.

Know the Law

Traditional cigarettes are quickly becoming a strictly controlled substance – in the UK it’s illegal to smoke indoors, including in bars and restaurants. This law doesn’t apply to vape pens, and it’s largely left to the discretion of private establishments whether they allow vaping or not. In the U.S. the debate over vaporisers is raging, with an increasing number of states implementing the same laws for vapers as smokers. This equalisation is likely to continue until vape pens are as strictly controlled as cigarettes.

The American Heart Association published a statement in 2014 where they noted that e-cigarettes contain lower levels of harmful material than traditional tobacco cigarettes, and pointed out the potential for harm reduction if users switched.

If you’re considering making the switch from traditional cigarettes to vaporizers, then it’s worth bearing in mind the ramifications; e-liquids are often an expensive option, and you’ll be paying both in time and money to maintain your vaporiser. The trade-off is a potentially safer, more hygienic smoking option which may even help you to reduce your smoking habit in the long run.