Know How to Install Laminate Flooring

Laminate floors combine the elegance and beauty of tiled or hardwood floors but are relatively easy to maintain. Most laminate floors are made up of a wooden board made of high-density fiber, that is then topped with a laminate in the desired pattern. It is flooring that is highly durable, and resistant to scuffing and scratching. It is easy to install as long as you know the proper steps about how to install laminate flooring.

You can get laminate flooring that requires different installation techniques and this must be understood before you buy the laminate flooring for your home. Standard flooring uses glue to fix the flooring boards to the subfloor. Some flooring comes with glue already attached, and these have to be dampened with water to activate the glue before it is fixed. You can also get laminate flooring that has a locking mechanism and requires no glue, with the flooring having to be snapped into place. Once you have decided on the type of flooring you would like to install, make sure that you measure the area that requires the flooring, and purchase at least 10 percent more, as this can make up for cutting and sizing wastage, and also leave some left over as the replacement material for the future.

Knowing about how to install laminate flooring needs you to make sure that the base on which the floor is to be laid is in the proper condition so that there are no problems during the installation. You must be very sure of the condition of the subfloor that you need to cover with laminate flooring. It must be absolutely level, free of cracks and bumps or unevenness. If it is of concrete, make the necessary repairs, remove the bumps and correct it with a thin layer of self-leveling compounds if necessary so that you ensure that floor is absolutely level. If the floor is wooden, check for any raised boards, raised nails and other things that can cause problems during the laminate installation.

The laminate floor must get acclimatized to the environment in the home and its humidity, and must be laid out on the floor for at least two days before it is actually fixed. Remove any wrapping that it has so that air can freely circulate. You need to prepare the floor, by removing any baseboards in the room where you are installing the laminate floor. If there is any carpet already laid down, you need to remove it, along with any sub-layer and then clean the floor completely. You will benefit if you also lay down a proper vapor barrier on the floor to prevent any dampness rising up from the ground and affecting the laminate floor in the future.

Laminated flooring comes in planks of definite width and length, and you must make a plan of the laying pattern before you start with laying the floor. Start laying the laminate from a wall that is furthest from the door to the room. Glue the laminate planks to the floor with the suggested adhesive, and make sure that you keep a gap of at least a quarter to half of an inch away from the wall. This gap allows the floor to move and breathe without causing any buckling or warping. Install the planks parallel to the longer walls as it looks better aesthetically. Tap down each plank and make sure it is aligned perfectly with the adjoining ones.

When you reach the other side wall, you may have to cut the planks to make them fit exactly to the size of the room. Make sure you maintain the required gap between the plank and the wall. The removed baseboards can then be refitted to complete the laminate floor installation. You can then shift in the furniture while making sure that the legs of chairs and tables are protected with rubber or other spacers so that they do not damage the laminated floor. Also, make sure that you do not move around the furniture too often as this can lead to the laminate getting damaged. You can also use laminate flooring on staircases but must make sure that the edges of the stairs are protected by nosings of rubber or metal.

Installation of laminate flooring can also be carried out by professional installers, and many laminate floor suppliers will have their own people who can help you out with this job. It will also save you the trouble of finding out how to install laminate flooring. They will probably do a faster and neater job then you would, and also leave everything neat and tidy after they complete the work. Get proper quotations for the work and finalize all aspects of the contract before you start.

Clear your room of all furniture and any other floor mountings before the room is handed over to the installer.

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