Interesting Facts Parents Never Knew About Baltic Amber Teething Necklace

Teething is a rough time for parent and child alike. The discomfort for a baby is obvious. However, people often forget about how stressful teething can be for parents. Parents always feel responsible for everything their children go through. It’s natural to want to protect children, and especially infants, from any and all dangers. Parents even feel like they should be able to do something about the pain associated with teething. It’s true that this is a difficult challenge. But there are some ways to help a child through the teething process. Many parents have had amazing results from amber teething necklaces. There’re a few important points one should understand about these necklaces before putting it into practice.

Baltic amber is an ancient substance

It’s often best to begin at the beginning. And with Baltic amber that means looking back about 40 million years. Baltic amber is often called a fossil resin. It was originally a resin produced by pine trees not too different from what one can find in modern times. The main difference is that millions of years have allowed the resin to change dramatically over time. The former resin of trees around the Baltic sea are now something quite distinct.

Quality and beauty matter

Another point to keep in mind is that a Baltic amber teething necklace will usually be a unique work of art. Much like every diamond is unique, so is Baltic amber. It’s quite literally created by nature over time. As such, every single piece of Baltic amber has a unique beauty. This beauty is further refined and differentiated by skilled artisans. One should consider this when shopping for a Baltic amber teething necklace. It’s not just something to provide physical benefits.

The amber can also be beautiful enough to bring enjoyment to both a child and parent’s eyes. And when a child has finished teething the necklace can remain as a beautiful keepsake. People often focus on relief of teething pain when they look at the benefits of Baltic amber. It’s important to remember that the necklaces are also a work of art which can enliven people’s spirits.

The power of teething necklaces

A lot goes into a teething necklace. But there’s one component which is worth giving extra focus. A teething necklace is thought by some to release succinic acid. This is a naturally occurring substance. And it’s been verified by experts to pose no harm to people. As such it’s safe and non-toxic. And many feels that it’s part of the many benefits of Baltic amber.

Bringing it together to form a solid plan

It should be clear at this point that an amber teething necklace is many things to many people. And this is one of the most important things about it. There aren’t a lot of things which act on both the body and spirit. Which can help a baby while also shining as a work of art. As such, one should really consider the nature of a teething necklace before purchase. There’s a wide variety of types and styles out there. And this means that shopping for them can be a lot of fun.

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