Interactive Games Help Primary Students Enjoy Maths.

Maths is popularly known as a difficult and non-enjoyable subject. But by using fun activities and games we can instil in our students that maths doesn’t have to be dull.

Here are some ideas for games to use with primary students for a fun and enjoyable maths lesson.

  1. For Times Tables

This free game by TeachIt Primary makes times’ table fun! Your student can play in teams or individually, all the need to do is pop the bubbles containing multiples of a chosen number.

Find the game here.

  1. Co-ordinates

Interactive colouring games are great fun for primary students, so are games with animals! Play games where your pupils guess the coordinate of different animals, or where they get to colour in coordinates you give them.

  1. Telling the Time

It’s becoming known that younger people are become less and less likely to be able to tell the time on an analogue clock. Keep your students in the loop and teach them how read the time traditionally using interactive time telling games.

There are many other games you can play with your students to make maths more enjoyable whilst they learn important things. Teachit Primary is a great website where teachers alike share resources and work together to provide great teaching materials for kids.