How to Treat Fertility Problems Naturally

Today we are looking at 3 simple and effective ways in which you can help improve your fertility! For those of you who are looking for natural alternatives to treating infertility, as opposed to IVF treatment for example, exercise, a healthy diet and tracking ovulation are great places to start.

  1. Tracking Ovulation!

There are several ways to track ovulation, ranging from the more traditional methods to those that utilise modern technology. Simply tracking the menstrual cycle via a calendar allows for the understanding of when ovulation takes place. While it is a relatively effective method, it does not account for women that have irregular periods, and also cannot be fully relied upon due to levels of inaccuracy.

Apps on smartphones provide an exciting alternative, and also ensure that extra degree of accuracy. By merely filling in a few details, these apps can help figure out the best times for conception by analysing your data. Information such as your temperature or cervical mucus consistency is all crucial to understanding your fertility. However, many women prefer fertility monitoring systems due to both the personal support and advice, as well as the accuracy and reliability of its tracking.

  1. Healthy diet!

A great way to treat fertility problems naturally is to sit down and examine your diet. Fresh fruits and vegetables are perfect for improving the egg quality whilst benefiting your general health. Fertility problems occur in both male and female so this simple alteration to your diet is crucial for both partners! Avoiding trans fats and opting for healthier unsaturated fats helps avoid the over production of insulin levels. It is these high insulin levels that ultimately cause many metabolic disturbances that in turn affects ovulation and conception. Another alteration to your diet is to avoid ‘red meats’ and choose more fish as a different option, and for foods that specifically increase fertility, go for plant protein- from beans and nuts etc.

  1. Lifestyle choices!

An obvious way to improve fertility is by cutting out any smoking habit, from conception up until after the baby is born. Similarly, drug and alcohol abuse are dangerous for not only your general health but decrease the fertility of women. Exercise is a simple and easy activity to maintain and on that is important in regards to your overall health, while crucially improving the fertility of women. It may even improve fertility if you’re struggling to conceive due to Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS). While PCOS medication can alleviate some symptoms, such as acne or hair loss, exercise helps tackle the weight gain that is often associated with this condition. Undoubtedly exercise is an important part of every day life, and it is important to maintain pre-conception exercise routines once pregnant to improve the well- being of you and the baby.