How To Prepare Your Daughter For Being A Flower Girl

It is a tradition for kids to be included in weddings. Girls are flower girls, and boys have the role of a ring bearer. Kids are there to bring fun to the event with their cuteness. If your little daughter is somewhere between 4 and 9 years old, it is very likely that she will be given the role of a flower girl to a wedding.

As for every other wedding tradition, this one has some unwritten rules as well. Girls need to walk down the aisle wearing cute flower girl dresses and spread flower petals. But on the other hand, we know that kids are unpredictable. They might be okay with their roll, but sudden tantrums can occur. Or, your little ones might become shy when she sees all the unfamiliar faces out there. To make it easier for you and your daughter, you should prepare her well ahead of the big day. Read on and find out how to prepare your daughter for being a flower girl!

Take Some Time To Do Explanation

After your daughter gets invited as a flower girl, she will be so excited. But, she might not think of the duties. Get her used to the idea of appearing in front of people. Show her what she needs to do and how to walk down the aisle. Watching videos can help too.

Get A Dress She Likes

Picking the right dress for your little daughter is so much fun. Let her show you what does her dream dress look like. Usually, the flower girl wears a mini replica of the bride’s gown, bridesmaid dresses, or a dress of your choice. Do not force her to wear a dress that she doesn’t like. It is very likely that she will cry on the wedding day just because she doesn’t wear the dress from her dreams. Shopping for the dress can be a tough experience. Kids usually find the whole process exhausting and boring. Instead, browse online for some cheap flower girl dresses.

Let Her Get Comfortable With The Bride And Groom

If your child rarely sees the bride and groom, let them get to know eachother a bit more. This way, she will see lot more familiar faces on the wedding day. The chances that she will be more relaxed are greater.

Do Rehearsals

Do not force the girl to be perfect. Practicing should not be a stressful moment and mistakes are allowed. Instead, make it a fun experience. Show her how to walk slowly with a basket in her hands.