How to Manage Your Home as a Busy Mom

We know that as you’re reading this, you’re backed up on tasks. How on Earth are you supposed to do it all – let alone have time to read this. 

The old trope of the burnt-out mom is alive and well. What is the secret to having our lives together? How do we stop feeling like we’re getting nowhere fast? Everything we need or want to do has snowballed until our only go-to response is, “I don’t have time.” Yes, we do have time. It’s time to remodel the way we run our home and our lives. 

Put Your Oxygen Mask On First

Motherhood shouldn’t be synonymous with martyrdom. Taking care of yourself is not selfish; it is necessary. Schedule time once a week to do something that is dedicated to you, and give it your undivided attention. If you’re stressed or burnt out, it will reflect in your work and mood, and it doesn’t help anyone. 

Make sure to close off any distractions and put your phone on silent except for emergency calls. Your work and home life aren’t going anywhere, but your sanity will if you don’t keep it at arm’s length. 

Practice Saying No

The balanced mother knows her limits and knows when to say no. Your time and energy is one of the most valuable possessions you have, and it should be treated as such. The next time something comes up, ask yourself how important it is, or if it will benefit you or your family in any way. 

Find Your Balance

Instead of spreading themselves too thin, organized mothers distribute their energy, time, and money. What everyone considers balanced may not be the same for you. You need to discard what you believe is “ideal” in exchange for something that works.  

Do Not Internalize Social Pressures

Don’t think about the “shoulds” of your life: you “should” be dedicating more time to the community, or you “shouldn’t” let your children stay up too late, etc. Do what works for you, not what everyone and their moms think you should be doing. It’s only added stress that no one will have to deal with except for you. 

Draw the Line Between Work and Home Life

Although it’s a difficult habit to drop, don’t bring your stresses from home to work, and vise versa. Let everyone know about this: they only call you when it is an absolute emergency. If you don’t value your time, no one will. 

Taming The Home

Doing Less Is More

Imagine you have a leak or tiles missing in your roof. Are you going to get the ladder and patch it up yourself while cradling a hysterical toddler and have dinner ready by 8 PM? Of course not. In the same way you would reach out to, you should not hold back from hiring or asking for help when needed. 

Getting extra hands can be as little as hiring a babysitter for a couple of hours while you storm through all your errands. Or it can be as long term as having a cleaning lady come in so that you can have more time to do what matters to you. You can’t unleash your full potential if certain tasks are holding you down like an anchor. 

Delegate Tasks Like a Boss

Ask yourself who can do what, and have them do it instead. Not only will the teamwork free your schedule up, but it is also an excellent opportunity to bond over shared responsibilities. Get things done while your spouse and children have an active role in the household is a win-win situation.  

Also, do everything in your power to resist the urge to do it yourself. We know that seeing the household chores being done incorrectly is painful, but it’s a learning process. With enough practice, the thought of taking over won’t even cross your mind, and you’ll be raising your children to be efficient and independent. 

Don’t Let Tasks Accumulate

When you let the dishes and the laundry pile up, the task morphs into an overbearing monster that no one wants to defeat. When the tasks are being delegated, there are always those straggler messes that can use a two-second cleanup. 

If you’re the type of mom that constantly cleans, there are ways to stay focused on other tasks. Think of chores that can be broken down into a daily routine. Instead of letting the dishes pile up, tackle them while food is being made. 

Another common misconception is that there should be one day designated to laundry. Try switching to doing one load a day instead. The task doesn’t seem so daunting when splitting into small parts. 

Prioritizing What Matters

We were lead to believe that we have to do it all. Many of us feel that being a superwoman is not only necessary; it is expected. As mothers, we wonder if we are doing enough, and we end up doing everything so that we can remove any doubt from our minds. 

Doing less, or having others chip in, does not mean that we don’t value our work and families. On the contrary, it means that we want to spend as much time with them – all while being the best version of ourselves.