How to make your home look and feel glamorous

We could all do with a bit more glamour in our lives, so why not start in the home?

We all want to take pride in our homes and enjoy the comfort of our own abode. Your home should be the very best representation of you – your passions and your family – in order to be a space where you feel relaxed and contented. But creating the perfect home environment is no easy task. Between work, family life, daily duties and socialising, there is very little time in the day to think about interior design.

However, creating a glamourous home doesn’t have to be an impossible task, and the show-home ready images you see everyday online and in magazines are not an unattainable goal. There are ways of creating luxurious results in your home without using up all your time, and in fact it is simpler than you might think.

The first step to creating glamour is to understand it. That’s why we’re going to look at what glamour really means, and explore the different ways you can introduce glamour into your home.

Where do you start?

There are essentials and foundations to bear in mind when you start trying to make your home more glamourous. First of all, a glamourous home is an organised home, so being neat and tidy goes a long way. Keep your surfaces clean, your glass and metal polished and your accessories edited. You only want to display the stuff that really adds to the space, so take away any unnecessary accessories to avoid clutter and provide a sleek overall feel.

You can rotate your accessories with the changing seasons, which you can also do with your colour palette and soft furnishings. A darker, richer colour scheme works well in winter, while calming light tones are perfect for summertime relaxation.

Find yourself some inspiration to base your look off. What’s your favourite classic design icon, and what sort of looks do you tend to go for? Once you’ve established what kind of glamour you want to create, you can start choosing items to fill your living space.

The glamour of vintage furniture

So, where should you go to find furniture with a glamourous flair? Many people make the mistake of hearing ‘glamour’ and immediately thinking ‘sparkle’. While a bit of shine can be nice, too much sparkle can veer too much on the side of tacky. True glamour is about finding furniture with a presence, and with class. Shiny touches like silver or glass can add to this, but it isn’t the main factor you should be looking for when shopping for glamour.

Some features to look for include cut crystal stemware, cleaned glass containers, silver serve ware and upholstery with rich fabrics and trims.

Vintage furniture is arguably the most glamourous furniture around, and there is so much to choose from. A stunning mid-century dining table or sideboard will instantly elevate the look of your home, while upholstered vintage pieces like sofas and armchairs provide the perfect balance of decadence and comfort.

However, the idea of traipsing round your local flea market looking for bargains probably isn’t your idea of glamour. Thankfully, it’s now possible to find beautiful and unique vintage furniture online at marketplaces like Vinterior. They house one-of-a-kind statement pieces from a variety of eras and styles.

What makes something glamorous?

You might find a piece of furniture that you like, but how do you know if it’s glamorous? It’s all about the way it feels. There is no set rule about what makes one item of furniture more glamourous than any other, though furniture which include factors like such as historical value and period features are often seen as the most elegant home additions. But it really depends on each individual piece.

Glamour is a tricky thing to pin down. It’s all about finding that perfect mix of adventure, allure, excitement, romance and history. It’s a space that looks both smart and beautiful; elegant and bold; handsome and sophisticated. It’s a space with furniture items which stand out individually and yet brings the whole environment together in one look. One of the most important things about glamour is that, while desirable, it’s not unattainable. Glamorous design is achievable for everyone if you make the right design decisions.

Colourful pieces can be glamorous and so can monochrome. Metallics can be glamorous and so can woods. Patterns can be glamorous and so can simplicity. Whatever speaks to you personally is the right choice.

How do you know when something is worth splurging on?

When it comes to glamour, sometimes it’s worth a bigger investment in order to guarantee the very best in terms of style, quality and durability. Highly recognisable items like a Parisian area rug, custom draperies with trim or a Chesterfield are always a good investment, as is vintage furniture in general. Vintage furniture has already proven that it can stand the test of time, and unlike newer items it will only increase in value over time. Generally speaking, anything with staying power is worth your investment, while pieces that are designed to be on trend right now probably aren’t worth it as a long term asset.

Where should you look for cost-effective glamour?

There are plenty of places to go if you’re looking for high quality furniture for less. Again, we’re talking largely about vintage furniture here. Thrift shops, consignment shops and antique shops have everything from tasteful accessories – like barware and silverware – to larger items of furniture. Chances are you’ll find quirky items of furniture with a rich history and good bones that might just need cleaning up a bit. Once you’ve introduced them into your space, these items can all add form and function to the aesthetics your glamourous homelife. And of course, you don’t have to physically shop for these items in person, when fantastic virtual marketplaces exist online.

What are the most glamorous colours?

There are several colours and shades which we automatically think of as glamorous. These include rich blues and silky reds, deep greens and velvet purples, blue and white porcelain and, of course, gold. Fine materials, fabrics and finishes also serve to amplify the glamorous effects of these colours, especially when paired with rich metallics.

However, these are not strict limitations. Neutral palettes like grey linens and refined weathered woods can be used to create a more modern type of glamour, while deep woods and rich tweeds are glamourous in a more rustic sense. Ask yourself what kind of style you’re trying to create and then seek out glamour within this aesthetic.

Which styles are naturally glamorous?

There is glamour in every style and every taste, but some are more closely associated with luxury than others. The first aesthetic which springs to mind is most likely a classic and traditional look, usually featuring vintage furniture. This is a true reflection of fine living, favouring quality over quantity. Following this same mindset, minimalist style can be used to create glamour in more modern environments.

Glamour doesn’t have to be the formal design we often think of. It can be anything you want it to be, so long as you’re introducing high quality furniture that reflects you and your personality into your home.