How to Keep the Children Entertained this Christmas with Arts, Crafts and Tissue Paper

With Christmas just around the corner, you may struggle to keep the children entertained inside the family home and out of the cold.

Whilst the games console and other technologies may be the first thing they reach for, having more family oriented pass times will help you make the most of the holiday period.

Crafting your own presents and cards with tissue paper and other crafting materials, such as Christmas embroidery designs, could be the perfect way to make this Christmas special for the whole family.

Make Christmas Cards

Every year hundreds opt to make their own Christmas cards instead of buying ones. This helps to give the cards more of a personal feel which will be well received by the intended recipients.

Using tissue paper to create personal designs will make sure the receiver gets enjoyment out of them throughout the holidays. This versatile paper can also be used to wrap presents. Getting the kids involved in making cards could be a great way to let them get creative.

Experiment with Different Lamp Shades

If your lighting is in need of a revamp maybe adding some different lamp shades could create more colour in your house. Perhaps you could even make seasonal shades for Halloween and Christmas. Using the card and red tissue paper could give your home a very festive feel over the holiday period.

Seasonal Origami

Origami is a hobby enjoyed by many and you can definitely find seasonal ways to experiment with it. Christmas trees, festive stars amongst other items can all be crafted and maybe even hung on the Christmas tree over the festive period.

Papier Mache Bowls

This classic arts and craft favourite is a staple all year round. If you have the right materials then crafting fruit bowls and sculptures could be a great way to help the children get creative over winter. Be sure to lay down newspaper before you start though as this one can get messy.

Craft Reusable Carrier Bags

Crafting your own paper bags could be a great way to reduce your plastic consumption as well as use up waste paper. Using old newspaper wrappings with a combination of tissue paper could create a unique fusion of old and new styles.

Make your own Christmas presents

If you are looking to give fantastic Christmas presents without breaking the bank making our own could be the perfect option. Candles and other functional items can be great as standalone gifts or as part of a wider package. Using bespoke tissue paper will allow you to personalise your presents.

Make Sure you Use Great Quality Materials and Paper Bags

Making your own presents, cards and Christmas wrapping will be a sure fire way to make this Christmas a special one.

If you are looking to keep your kids entertained over the Christmas period and make some handmade presents you will need the right materials. Visit the Paper Bag Co for great quality tissue paper and paper bags.