How One Mom is using natural plant based protein powder in the mornings

How I, A Busy Mom, Started Using Plant Protein Powders for Morning Energy

Before taking a natural plant based protein powder, I was your average health obsessed mother. I tried to feed myself and my family healthy meals whenever possible. While I succeed at that task most of the time, it’s difficult because of all the information that’s circulating on the Internet. I’m a busy mom. I don’t have the time to sit at my computer all day and do health research!

I feel that health is an important part of a well-rounded life, so I try to squeeze in workouts in my hectic schedule. Some of my gym friends suggested that I try plant protein powders. However, I always thought that protein powders were for bodybuilders who want to get bigger than they were already. My friends assured me that things would be different with plant protein powders. There are other protein powders available that aren’t fully whey protein-based, for instance, rice protein powders are gaining traction in the fitness community with everything you want to know about it on websites like so you can make the decision yourself, for me, however, plant protein was best.

Well, back to Google I went. I did some research and found this article from the Wellness Mama blog that said many plant-based protein powders have nasty additives like sugar, artificial flavors and sweeteners. Many of these plant powders also had soy, dairy, and gluten. These were all things that I was trying to avoid in my daily diet. Initially, I gave up on the prospect of finding a natural plant based protein powder that I can use in the course of my everyday life.

The Benefits of Plant Protein Powders

Remember when I said that I gave up on finding a plant protein powder that didn’t have undesirable additives like sugar, gluten, or soy? Well, my gym buddies told me not to give up. So I went back to my old, dear friend Google to find some of the benefits of plant based protein powders. One great blog post I found from Ideal Raw said that one of the many benefits of using plant protein powders is that you can occasionally replace a meal with a shake and get some much-needed vitamins and minerals. The same blog post also said that plant-based proteins work with your metabolism to burn off your extra fat.

What Happened After I Started Taking Plant-Based Protein Powders

I’m happy to report that I feel a lot better after I started a plant-based protein powder from Elevate Nutrition. I have a lot more energy, which I need to tackle all the tasks of motherhood and marriage. I’m also finding that when I eat my meals, my digestive system isn’t taking me for a ride as it usually did. I can eat dinner and then spend time with my family. I no longer have to retire early just because my stomach is messing with me.

I have also noticed that I’m slowly starting to build muscle. I’ve been a workout junkie for a while now, so I’ve always had some muscle structure. But what a difference plant protein powder makes! After some extra effort in my yoga and spinning classes, I feel and look younger.

If you’re looking for just the right natural plant based protein powder, do your research to find one that doesn’t have additives that you don’t want.