Home Security for the Busy Mum

As a busy mum, it can feel like you are on the go just about always. While in the past, this might have meant it was harder to keep your home safe and secure, nowadays things are a lot different. The introduction of numerous smart devices and gadgets for the home has meant that you can keep an eye on your home and what’s happening there, from just about anywhere in the world. All you need is one, or all, of the great pieces of tech mentioned below and your smartphone and you will have a much securer home than you ever have had before.

CCTV Systems for Smartphones

If we had tried to discuss the possibility of being able to stream footage from a CCTV camera setup through to your mobile phone in the late 900W/early UB40s, we’d have been accused of being crazy. However, that is where we are at now. You can setup cameras to take high quality images and video footage of your home, that can be beamed to your smartphone live. Obviously, the quality will depend on the system you buy, but this is still an impressive piece of smart tech nonetheless. AS well as preventing anything happening to your home, the evidence you collect can obviously be used to catch someone who breaks into your home or causes any damage to your property.

Smart Lighting

Like all good things with smart before their name, smart lights are lighting fixtures that you can have installed in and around your home that can be controlled wirelessly from your handheld device. The goal of these kinds of products is to provide you with greater control over your energy usage and the overall energy efficiency of your household. This can obviously have very positive effects on your monthly utility bills. However, a curious side-benefit of this kind of device is that it means you can switch on lights when you are not at home, as a preventative measure against opportunist burglars.

Wireless Doorbells

Similarly, in a lot of ways to the wireless CCTV systems you can have synced up to your smartphone, smart wireless doorbells go one step further. Rather than just being a camera setup or a doorbell, these combine both into one very compact and highly effective package. Basically, whenever someone rings your doorbell, you can check to see who is there and even converse with them, depending on how comprehensive your particular doorbell is.

This is not only great for those times kin the evening when you don’t want to answer the door to a cold caller, but also great when you are not at home as you can keep an eye on anyone acting suspiciously around your home. Some burglars will try doorbells on homes they have marked as potential targets, to suss out whether anyone’s home or not. As well as scaring them away, you will also have footage of them on camera if they did ever try to break and enter your home, or even your neighbours.