Home Improvement Ideas For The New Year 2019

Every January, people all over the world find a fresh new reason to feel motivated.  If your motivation has driven you towards home improvement, you’re probably seeking a little guidance for your efforts.  

When the weather is cold, it makes sense to focus your improvement efforts on the internal areas of your home.  If you’re short on ideas, cease your worries now. Take a look at this brief overview of some of the best home improvement ideas for the new year, and make 2019 a banner year for home equity.  

Replace old windows and doors

Making sure your home is free of those unwanted cold breezes through the winter is worth the investment of money it will take to seal the leaks.  Replacing your home’s old windows and doors may cost a little chunk of cash to complete, but you won’t lose a dime on your investment.

The lower energy usage will save you dough, and there are tax credits at efile time to be had for energy-conscious homeowners.  Improve your quality of life and make money doing it with this home improvement suggestion.

Install built-ins around the home

You can maximize your home’s interior by adding display/storage space this new year.  Take the time for a few carpentry enhancements to your home, and the intrigue of design will settle heavy on delighted visitors.  

Build a unique frame for your bed, make cubby holes for your mudroom, or design that elaborate walk-in closet setup to start the new year off right.  Turn it into a family memory, and get the kids involved in the manual labor.

Insulate the attic space

Adding insulation to your attic space will help save on energy consumption, but it will also add more livable space to your home’s floor plan.  Adding extra livable space means that your home will gain valuable equity upon completion of the job.  

Go solar for the new year

Solar power is the future whether you’ve come to that realism yet or not.  Fossil fuels are too damaging to our environment to remain our main source of power for too much longer.  Wind, water, and solar power are much more environmentally conscious, and cost less to maintain.

The initial cost of going solar isn’t as cheap as it could be, but there are ways to find an affordable deal on a home package.  Get the best deal on hardware, and start saving the Earth and your money as soon as possible.

Tend to your landscape

You may think it strange to start working on your yard in the winter months of the year, but it’s the best time.  The best time to add fertilizer to your trees, bushes, and lawn is right before the ground goes into freeze mode.  If you get the fertilizer down soon, your landscape will be richer and greener in the spring.