High Waisted Shaper Shorts at FeelinGirl

They are peculiar looking, they are form-fitting and sometimes suffocating when worn. They are the go-to outfits for plus size women or women of any size and shape who want to tuck and hide excess fat. They are known as shaper shorts.

Shaper shorts constitute a significant part of a larger collection of undergarments known as shapewear. For many years they have been recognised by many names like “unmentionables” “sausage casings” and “tummy tucker”.

Many years ago, they were worn strictly by celebrities to hide or lift the desired body parts on the red carpets. This made them expensive to purchase by the everyday woman; today, the story is quite different. They have become more affordable hence more accessible.

Although there are many kinds of shapewear clothing, the major focus of this article is the high waisted shaper shorts.

High waisted shaper shorts are designed to keep protruding tummy, flabby thighs and buttocks in shape and in check especially on those days when you need to have a coordinated look.

Here at FeelingGirl, we have a wide range of high waisted shaper shorts that are breathable, comfortable and gentle on the skin. There is nowhere else that you can get the best waist shaper than at feeling girl.

 In case you are wondering what sets our shapewear “miles apart” from the hundreds in the market, well, here are some of the amazing features.


  •  Colour: Our shapewear comes in distinct colors of black and nude 
  • Material: Our shapewear is designed to act like a girdle to contract abdominal fat. The stretchy yet firm material (spandex) will make your flabby thigh muscles firm and trim
  • Special effects: Unlike other products from other brands, our high waisted shaper shorts does more than shaping, it also lifts the buttocks, giving the wearer a neater appearance.
  • Size: They are available in all sizes from small (S) to extra-large (XXL)
  • Design: intricate lacy details and sexy slits.
  • ●    Pair with: Each of our shaper shorts can be paired with our waist trainers or neoperne shaper

 With FeelinGirl shaper shorts, you will not only look great, but you will also feel great. For more information, visit  FeelinGirl to choose more shapewear.