Framing & Displaying Favourite Family Photographs

One way to liven up your home is by displaying your family photos. These hold still memories that you and your family have experienced in the past. Unlike a digital image, printed photos will not only help you preserve fond memories but also decorate your home. They bring about the feeling of togetherness and love among family members and will tell great stories to many generations.

Displaying family photos can prove to be a challenge. This is because photos get taken at different times in a person’s life and with different cameras. Every camera comes with different levels of technology that make the photos not to match as some will be black and while others will have captured all the vivid surrounding colours. This leaves you with a challenge of how to display the photos on your walls.

When it comes to choosing frames for your family photos, you should consider it the way you choose the perfect jewellery to go with your clothes. They are the final piece that will bring out all your family photos beauty on the walls, displaying their personality.

Before arranging your family’s beautiful memories on your wall, you should do some planning. This is because you will be required to make many nail holes on your wall and if you live in a rented house, you will have to worry about what the landlord might say about that. You can use some pencil marks to guide you on where to make those holes.

For some people, they find it wise to use another approach where they trace the frames onto an inexpensive paper then cut out the tracings and use a painters tape to adhere the frames to the wall. You can then easily move the paper around until you get the perfect arrangement. Nails then get hammered through the paper, which is later removed and photos hanged.

Many people prefer to use black and white pictures. This might be a great idea, considering that some of the family members might be older and in their early lives, there might not have had coloured photos. Black and white also gives your photos that timeless appearance that creates a clean look. You can easily reprint coloured photos in black and white, as well as turn new photos the same colour using a digital camera and editing technology.

It is also a great idea to buy matching frames. Even if the photos come in different looks, using matching frames brings them together uniformly. You can also paint your frames with the same colour if they come multicoloured. A grid of family photos that are in identical frames gives a striking display and a great finish. If you want to be creative with your identical frames, go for different designs. It is always exciting to buy some unique designs for the photo frames. You can use antique frames to hold your most prized photos, creating an intriguing effect and a sense of history. For framing black and white photography, white picture frames might be the place to start.