Four Ways To Protect Your Home And Family From Fires

Accidents happen and sometimes, when it comes to your home, that accident could have something to do with fire. Fires can be minimal with barely any damage (if you’re rightfully prepared) or they can be major. Major fires destroy homes and lives. Bringing in specialists who could deal with Property Damage Restoration Kansas City (or similar qualified professionals in your vicinity) could potentially help you in assessing the damage of your home. Nevertheless, it is always better to have precautions in place.

Depending on the make of your home and the size of your home a fire could be worse, like if you own a mobile home and have a fire. You could quickly lose your entire home, where a home that is larger may be saved with quick wits. No matter what your home is made of, some safety precautions could save your home and your life.

Have The Right Amount Of Smoke Detectors

Smoke detectors are important in all homes and you need to have more than one. Often you won’t even be able to get homeowners or renters insurance if you don’t have the proper amount of these put in. You also have a few different types of them to choose from.

At the very minimum, you need to have a smoke detector in each bedroom in your home and on each level of your home. Make sure that you test them every six months and swap the batteries (if you’re using 9-volt ones) out every year.

Invest In A Fire Extinguisher

While having a fire extinguisher may not be a requirement, it’s still a wise plan. Keep it near your kitchen, where fires are most likely to happen. You can get extinguishers that are made for home use for around twenty dollars.

Know The Safety Rules

Know fire safety and know it well. Know where you should have extinguishers and smoke detectors. Know what to do in case of a fire. Have an emergency plan set in place. Keep 911 saved in your phone even, and always make sure you have a charged phone for emergencies.

Have a plan of who grabs the kids and who grabs the family pets. Have all of your important documents stored in a fire safe and make sure your home insurance is always up-to-date, which will come in handy if you lose anything to a house fire (from appliances to your Playstation system).

If there is a smoker in your house encourage them to quit. Many house fires begin from smokers that fall asleep before putting their cigarettes out.

Practice The Safety Rules With Your Kids

Practice the safety plan you set in place with your kids. Also, teach them about the dangers in the kitchen and especially about the dangers of playing with matches and lighters. Children are also up in the top ten of fire causes when they start to experiment with things like candles and smoking and playing with matches in general.