Five Creative Skills to Consider Learning in 2020

When a new year (and even a new decade) is upon us, we often feel the drive to make resolutions. There is an expansive energy that makes us feel like we can accomplish anything. In 2020, you may have wanted to better yourself. One way to improve your life is by learning one or more creative skills.

Here are 5 skills you may want to incorporate into your life:


One of the oldest forms of recorded artistic expression is painting. Things have changed a lot over the centuries, but painting is still a widely used way to express yourself and give a glimpse into your life. Painting can be for you whether you want to work on photorealism or go a more abstract route. You could take a painting class at a local community college. You could get together with some friends and go to a wine and painting night. You can even try following Youtube tutorials for practice. In the end, you’ll have a lovely, colorful record of your progress.


Music is considered by many to be a universal language. It is a powerful, primal way of self-expression and bringing people together. Music has been shown to have numerous health benefits. It engages many areas of the brain at the same time. You can take vocal lessons. You can learn a classical instrument like the cello or violin. Playing guitar is a popular option, as well. If you are unable to find a local tutor, you could take live stream guitar lessons online. Adding music to your life is a gift to yourself.


Food is such a fundamental part of life, it can often be taken for granted. The truth is that food can be a wonderful form of creative expression. The beauty of food is there are so many different cuisines. Cooking is a sensory experience. Sight, touch, taste, smell. The presentation of food can be artistic in and of itself.

Even if you are an expert at one type of cuisine, like soup for babies, you can learn others. You could sign up for a cooking class at a community college. You could take a community education course on cooking, as well. You will be able to impress friends and loved ones with your new culinary prowess.


Written language was a huge accomplishment for humanity. It’s used day in and day out for communication. Writing can also be a creative endeavor, Writing allows us to put feelings and idea into words. It also allows us to show others how we think. Authors can create and share entire universes with their writing.

Whether your goal is creative story writing, poetry, or just tightening up your writing skills, you can find many options to learn. You can try a writers’ group. You can find online or in-person writing courses. You can also simply begin keeping a personal journal for writing practice and expression. Becoming a better writer will help you in many aspects of your life personally and professionally.


Dance can be used to convey stories, such as hula or ballet. It can be used to put feelings into motion. It’s been used for thousands of years to reach altered states of consciousness and meditate.

More pragmatically, it can have wonderful health benefits, You can gain flexibility, lose weight, or improve confidence and self-expression. Finding dance classes near you might be a great option.