Do You Need Pack and Play Playards for Your Baby?

Some people today argue that playpens aren’t good for kids because they prevent them from exploring the world around. However, when used wisely, pack and play playards are greatly beneficial for both the parent and the baby, so every family needs them.

Benefits of Pack and Play Playards

A safe zone for the baby to play

As we live in a busy world, you won’t be able to keep an eye on your baby at all times, and letting them explore on their own can be dangerous. In this light, restricting the child’s freedom of movement is a necessity as you must be sure they won’t hurt themselves while you are too busy to supervise them.

A convenient portable crib substitute

If you travel a lot, a pack and play playard can become your number one babycare multitool. It’ll provide you with a place to keep the child’s toys, extra blankets, etc. while you are staying at a hotel or a relative’s house. It can also serve as a playpen or crib. You can read pack and play reviews at to find the lightest model best suited for travel.

A controlled learning environment

Some playpens today are equipped with educational toys and tools that help the baby develop both their mind and motor functions. They are also easy to customize, so you can create your own version of ‘baby classroom’ by adding different educational items. This way, you’ll be able to ensure that your baby is not only safe but also entertained and learning, while you are doing your job or chores.

Use Pack and Play Playards the Right Way

People who argue against playpens use ‘confinement is bad for emotional development’ as their main argument, and they are 100% right. Keeping a baby isolated in a playard, no matter how advanced, for long hours is definitely not good.

However, pack and play is made for short-term use only. It’s a device necessary for providing the parent a chance to make some phone calls, clean up, cook, or deal with emergencies. As long as you don’t abuse a playpen, it can be a great help for your family.