Different ways to find products and services reviews

If you need to find reviews about a particular product or service, there are often several ways to find it. However, not everybody knows the best ways they can get a product or service or don’t even know where they should check. They might also not know which reviews to trust and which reviews not to trust. A lot of people have checked the wrong places or taken the reviews they found on a particular website and acted based on it, only to be seriously disappointed. This article will discuss the different ways to find reviews as well as the pros and cons.

Online reviews platforms
Several online review platforms are all about collecting reviews from people who have patronized the different companies that are listed on their website. The company understands that they can help customers to avoid losing money by guiding them on where to buy from based on the experience of other people. A lot of these review companies are very well versed in the challenges of their platform, especially reviews rigging. Thus, apart from trying to maintain trust and integrity internally, they also put in a lot of mechanisms to make sure that it is as difficult as possible to rig reviews on their platform.

Asking family members and friends
Another reliable way to get reviews is by asking your family members, friends or other acquaintances. It could be just a question of have you used this particular company before and how was the experience or where can I buy this particular product. Those who have experience in that area will be able to give you. However, since your community of friends and acquaintances will be much smaller than Internet users, there might be a lot of cases where you won’t get help because they have never patronized that company nor do they know a place where you can get the particular item you are interested in.

Creating a post on a forum or social media
It is also possible to create a post on a related forum or on social media that you need information about where to get something or if anybody has had a positive or negative experience with a particular company. While this is good, it could be counter-productive. There is a high chance that a marketer of the company could see the post and quickly comment on the forum or post. They could even go-ahead to drop many messages under different names to further convince (confuse) you or inform their fellow marketers to all reply.

From websites
A lot of companies also collect reviews directly on their website and show it. This is nice but there is no way you would give me my death sentence to deliver and I would see it, but yet proceed to deliver it. Thus, most websites would remove negative reviews from their website the instant they notice it. This makes it difficult to trust those that are honest enough not to remove negative comments or who have never gotten any negative comment.