Choosing the Best University in Australia – Essential Guide

Australia is a prosperous country, which has high standards, great universities and need for qualified workers. In addition, Australia provides many opportunities, in the sense of pursuing a better life and a future career. These are the main reasons young people choose to study here. If you want to study in Australia, it’s important to determine what are your goals and wishes, in order to choose the university that can offer you the best education for your future dream job. Australia has the best universities, which are in the top 100 in the world. Choosing the university can sometimes be hard. It’s a very pertinent and big step in your life.

Why Australia

Australia is the 3rd most popular international student destination, whose institutions are highly rated and provide quality education. Have you determined your study area of interests? There’re websites, where you can find best university, review critics, see other people’s opinion. You can also visit the universities, so you can get the feeling of a place. All universities have their open days, where you have opportunity to ask questions, and get more details, than on the website. Top-ranked universities in Australia are in the Group of Eight (GO8). Australia provides a great standard for young people, there are more than 120 nationalities. There, you can meet people from different parts of the world, get to know their culture.


Finding the place, where you will be spending time for the next three to four years, can be of great significance. It’s time for you to move out from the parental nest. Australia provides great opportunities of finding the right place to live, near the universities. Some students love living in the vicinity of campuses, where you are in the middle of all the  happenings and you can get to your lectures just in couple of minutes. On the other hand, if you need privacy and some quality time for yourself, you can find fantastic student accommodation in Brisbane, by renting a room or an apartment off the campus.

Costs of studying

Although, the cost of studying in Australia is higher than in the other countries, it’s a very popular destination to choose. The costs depend on duration of studies and which institute you’re going to apply. You can find a part-time job on university, to finance some of your studies. Undergraduate Bachelor Degrees studies cost from $10.000 to $33.000 a year, and a Postgraduate Master’s Degree from $20.000 to $37.000 per year, this cost given is only approximate. Studies on public universities cost less than on a private one. If you’re limited by your funds, you can apply to a student exchange program or apply for scholarship where government finances all expenses. Applying for scholarship can be done by sending an application form, and probably you’ll have to provide test results of English as a second language, like TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language). Annually Government invests $200.000.000 for international scholarships.

After graduation

After graduation, you’ll have many job opportunities. You can choose whether to stay in Australia, or return to your homeland. You can continue your studies, raising it to a higher level, or do specification of another field of study. Medical workers in Australia are scarce, so if you want to study medicine, Australia is a perfect place for you, most likely you’ll have a job waiting for you after graduating.

Whatever you choose to do, owning a certificate from one of Australia’s university is considered as a prestige. Bright future is waiting for you.