Causes of Facial Hair on Women

Women biologically express less facial hair than men. We’ve all seen the grizzly Adam type men who could pass for Paul Bunyan any day of the year. They not only have facial hair but they sport it proudly and go to great lengths to keep it groomed and sanitary. That’s the luxury that men have. Facial hair isn’t seen as anything abnormal as long as the person is a male. When women express facial hair, though, it’s another beast entirely. Few women want to sport a beard and even the fine hairs that sometimes come along in older women are very much unwanted.
So what causes this excess growth of hair on some women? It’s not always age. Sometimes it’s a hormonal imbalance. As this article in the Women’s Health Network points out, very often women who have excessive levels of testosterone will cause unwanted hair loss. Menopausal women frequently develop hormonal imbalances that contribute to excessive hair growth. Other causes of excessive hair growth in women include obesity, some medicines, ovarian tumors, and Cushing’s Syndrome.

First things first: No woman wants or should have to live with unwanted facial hair. If facial hair makes them feel underconfident, then opting for Laser Hair Removal Services could be one of the best options for them. However, women should keep in mind that there are more options that they can choose from. For instance, the Hollywood Skin facial hair removal. It is quite popular and safe with no side effects!

Truth be told, treatments, such as the popular Hollywood Skin facial hair removal system happens to be a reason why women no longer should deal with the consequences of excess facial hair. But what’s this great new system?

Hollywood Skin focuses on diverse types of products to improve the appearance of the skin on the face. Some of their treatments take care of excess facial hair, and this is perhaps the one treatment that all women can applaud. Not all women walk around wanting to look like they stepped straight out of a Hollywood movie, but almost every woman on earth panics at the sight of facial hair. The skin on a woman’s face can be quite delicate, so in some cases, a facial may be required first. The laser place you go to may offer you one, or you can search in your area first, for example, ‘available appointments for Lynchburg facials‘, this will help you find a slot in enough time. However, bear in mind that these people are professionals and they know what will be best for your skin. Do not get a facial until you have spoken with them as they may say to hold off until after your laser treatment to help your skin heal.

Laser treatments to remove unwanted facial hair have become incredibly normal over the years. This isn’t like the treatments in the past where people might hear horror stories about the pain involved. With Hollywood Skin Treatments, you’re looking at painless hair removal through the use of advanced laser technology, and you never have to dread a visit to the office to get a treatment done.

In fact, these treatments are done in a spa-like environment instead of a medical setting where anxiety can creep into the picture. Hollywood Skin somehow managed to make an advanced laser treatment for hair removal into just another day at the spa. Seeing these treatments performed is a treat because it’s a true miracle that women are now getting the hair-free body and face they desire without having to go into a plastic surgeon’s office and submit to painful cosmetic procedures. In a very relaxed, comfortable setting, you get laser treatments to remove unwanted hair and then walk out feeling like you’re a new person.

If you’ve started to notice excess facial hair and want to get rid of it immediately, join the club. But more so, join Hollywood Skin because they do hair removal painlessly.