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5 Tips for Losing Weight

Counting Calories There’s no replacement for the classics, and counting calories remains the single most effective method for achieving consistent weight loss. Start by working out your base caloric maintenance level – for men that’s somewhere between 2000-3000 calories per day, depending on your Read More

Soy roasted nuts

Don’t feel sorry for turkeys and pigs at Christmas, feel sorry for vegetarians. They are the ones forced to suffer a month of forsworn canap?s at parties, culminating in a family feast that demands hours of sitting at a table groaning with meat. Read More

Salted caramel banoffee pie

One of my family’s favourite desserts. I had to take over making banoffee pie when my dad banned my mother from doing it after she once let a tin of condensed milk boil dry in the kitchen of one of the pubs we lived Read More

Lindsey Bareham’s fish pie with lemon mash

Variations on fish pie are endless but my latest favourite has a sloppy, buttery potato topping, more like pommes purée than British mash. It crusts lightly, lavishly at the edges and contributes a pleasing lemony, softness that mingles with a tangy, subtly cheesy sauce Read More