Cancer Patients at Home: Taking Care of Your Loved Ones

So someone that you know is suffering from cancer, and you are expected to take care of them at home. Yes, initially, it may seem daunting, but if you go about it the right way, the task soon becomes manageable, and it would only be a matter of time your time, before your family member has recovered, and is up on their toes again. Yes, indeed, this is possible, but while taking care of them, do keep the following tips in mind.

Learn more about their health condition

Cancer is of so many types. Find out more about their condition, so that you can ascertain you meet their needs.

Get the right aids

Nowadays many aids are available in market which makes caring for cancer patients easier and more effective. For instance, you can get cable covers so that all cables can be hidden from site, thus, preventing falls and trips. Recliner beds make it easier to feed patients, and hand rails can offer support when they use the washroom.  If your loved one is weak and doesn’t have strength to walk, then relying on sit to stand filters might make things easy for them. Talk to your doctor, and see what devices they recommend; you can then buy them online from companies such as

Understand the care level required

How much care does your love one need? And more importantly, how much of it can you easily provide? Many a times, cancer patients might need help with bathing, dressing, grooming and moving from one place to another.  You may also have to administer medication and take your loved one for radiation therapies; can help you out in this regard.

Know other members on the care giving team

Generally, cancer patients are taken care of by a number of people, which includes family members as well as medical professionals. Considering the condition of your loved one, you may need help from nurses, therapists and other volunteers; get to know all these people well, and also make sure that the cancer patients are comfortable with them, and feel at ease when they are around.

Create a list of things to do

Caring for cancer patients involves a whole lot of tasks, and you should keep a list of these with you so that you can keep a track of what has been done, and what needs to be done. In case, the list gets too long, please do reach out to your family, and ask for their help. You can also avail professional services who would come to your home for a couple of hours, and charge a nominal fee to do so.

Encourage them to get involved

Communicate with your loved ones, and involve them in all decisions that are made with regards to their care. Let them know that things will still be as they desire, and tend to all their needs. If required, plan various activities that would encourage a stronger bond to develop between you, so that they realise that they can count on you for support.