All About Motherhood

Being a mum can be a thankless job, and many much these days are left wondering how they will cope. There is a perception that being a mum is about babies and making them feed, cry and sleep. Mums are often seen to be the nurturer or parent who gives up the most of the love, while dads are either the bread winner or the disciplinarian. However, this is slowly changing and now there is more sharing of both the parenting responsibility. Recent studies show that loving care by dad helps children’s emotional and developmental development.

It was once common for a woman to stay at home to raise children while her partner worked outside the home in a factory or on a building site. There was little time for involvement with the grandchildren and neither partner was willing to let go of their childhood gender roles. Many women chose to live near their parents, but this was often crowded and often undesirable. For some women in these olden days, even being able to live near their parents was a chore, so they had to live in the suburbs, or out in the country where it was easy to raise a family.

Life in those days was very difficult for us, especially if they had to do hard jobs such as stitching, washing clothes and cleaning. The good thing is that these days life is easier for mothers. They can stay at home with the children and share a room with their partner. As well as this, they are able to do more shopping and go to the cinema with the kids. However, they have to make sure that they do not overdo the spending, as children learn through their grandparents, and the olden days are still alive and vibrant today.

Many maps have to be extremely driven to go to work, because without the drive to go to work, many would not be able to get up in the morning. Some people around the world seek help from motivational speakers, because not everyone gives their children the attention and the value of being a mum. Sometimes a mother may feel that her place is not high enough, and she does not think herself of being a mum. This is not always true, because other people around the world have a high regard for mothers, and they will tell the woman that being a mum means so much to them.

Not all must lead ‘normal’ lives, as we would expect. Sometimes they are faced with very difficult circumstances, and being a mum is just one aspect of raising children. Other mothers may have to work double time, or even triple time, just to be able to provide the basics of a family. Some maps may even find themselves in abusive situations, which can have an extremely detrimental effect on their self-esteem.

All these different situations that mothers experience mean that life becomes very hard sometimes. Mums do their best to take care of their children, but sometimes things simply cannot be avoided. This is why some mothers choose to look into getting a disability support scheme. With this they are guaranteed certain payments and are able to take care of their children, when they need them the most. Being a mum has never been easy, but it is something that everyone will have to deal with at some point.