Age-Based Body and Mind Care

So this blog would probably never have been born were it not for what I thought back then was the end of my life in falling pregnant at age 19, so there is a whole lot more good that came out of being a young mother than just being able to experience the joy of being a parent. Anyway, the lessons came thick and fast around the birth, one of which was how our bodies require different approaches to our caring for them at different ages.

The body responds more efficiently at a younger age

It’s no secret that the younger you are, the easier it is for your body to respond to the stimuli it experiences. This is across the board, including how susceptible a younger mind is to being influenced by certain ideas they come into contact, peer pressure, etc. Physically you are perhaps at your most fertile stage right after puberty and doesn’t Mother Nature know how to play on your hormones to let you know that you’re ready to reproduce and that these are perhaps biologically your best years of doing so?!

So the lesson here is to put more time and effort into any health and wellness efforts the older you are. You can’t expect to recover in one day after a heavy night of drinking once you’re over 25 for example, like you were easily able to do when you were 19, 20!

If you want toned muscles, more effort will be required in the gym and by way of what you feed yourself.

Nutritional and supplemental doses

Generally if you’re going to take supplements or if you’re just going to be eating according to an eating plan in honour of a specific health or fitness goal, you’ll probably have to take larger doses the older you are, perhaps even for longer periods of time if you want to see any results.

Dealing with stress-loads

Your ability to deal with stress wears down over time, which is why in the career world experience is valued so much. Caring for your body with this in mind should have you dedicating your younger years to building up a solid base of experience you can draw on later on in your life, like getting into healthy eating habits, making time for regular exercise and equipping yourself with the kind of knowledge that would mean that you don’t have to put in the graft and hourss of a 22-year old just starting out in their adult life.


So in summary, as we age we are required to approach our exploits around mind and body care differently, mostly to compensate for the generally deteriorating functionally of our minds and bodies as we grow older. If you take supplements or even medicinal herbs such as Rehmannia for example, you might need to take larger doses over more prolonged periods of treatment or supplementation, while the stress-loads your body is able to deal with will get lower and lower. So your health, fitness and wellness regimes will have to be adjusted accordingly.