After an Accident: Are You on the Hook for Lost Wages and Medical Bills?

Have you been in a car accident recently? Are you struggling to deal with medical expenses or a loss of wages because of the accident? If so, you might be wondering whether or not this is actually your responsibility to deal with, or if it might be down to your insurance or a 3rd party.

With 2.35 million people suffering injuries or disability each year in the USA alone, this is a topic which is going to affect most of us at some point in our lives. Of course with injury being taken into account, post-accident is already a very stressful time period, and dealing with the financial side of things can seem like a non-priority. This should never be the case though, and hiring a good legal representative can take the stress away from you and ensure any problems are dealt with in the best way possible. It can even be beneficial to start researching your own options online, free of charge. This could be a better option because many American’s not being financially ready for medical expenses due to accidents, won’t have the finances for legal representation either. Instead, looking online at a webpage like could enlighten someone to some forms of other financial relief, that could greatly mitigate their personal stresses after the accident too.

Medical Expenses

Medical bills are almost a given after an accident. Any and all treatment you receive is probably going to be charged for, and these expenses can quickly start to stack up. Despite medical debt already being a huge national problem, most citizens aren’t prepared for even a $500 expense if it’s unexpected – and who ever expects to be in an accident!?

A good legal representative will make sure that you don’t just receive an immediate cash payment (which could be less than actually needed). They will ensure you receive compensation for any/all expenses associated with your recovery, for as long as is necessary. Make sure your legal rep is working closely with medical professionals to ensure a complete understanding of your situation and the recovery required.

The best representation can also explore ways to fund immediate medical payment, if it’s required, so you never have to actually pay out of your own pocket. This is great news because many people aren’t actually able to pay for anything out of pocket.

Lost Wages

Lost wages can be a massive inconvenience after an accident. You need your pay check to live and pay day-to-day expenses. Being unable to work either due to injury, or even just for appointments or days in court, can cost you wages and make life incredibly difficult.

Firms like the Robinette Legal Group specialize in recovering any past and future losses of wages for any type of reason, as long as it relates to the accident. That could be recovery time, rehab time or even compensation to a spouse for having to take time off and care for you.

What Steps to Take?

The first thing to do if you have been in an accident is to contact your chosen legal reps immediately. This way they can get the ball rolling immediately, and you will see your compensation payment come sooner rather than later.

Also keep in mind there is a statute of limitations in some states, such as the two-year limit in Virginia.

Time is a vital factor in deciding how much of a payout you receive, and how quickly. Dealing with the situation as soon as possible can be difficult, but it is important and you should always try your best to deal with it immediately.