Monetizing this blog was always at the back of my mind, and when I reached 5’000 unique monthly readers, I decided to devise a plan. Most bloggers enjoy a sizable passive income from advertising, and so do I. My aim has always been three-fold, however. While it’s certainly nice to be in receipt of a steady income stream, I also have to think of my advertisers and my readers.

My Advertisers

For my advertisers, the advertising space has to produce profits, otherwise, no lasting partnership can flourish. Advertising has to lead to an increase in revenue.

Strongly focused on providing effective advertising space, I did a lot of research, before approaching potential advertisers. At the same time, my now sizable readership was attracting advertisers and suddenly, my website was a prime advertising platform.

My Readers

The success of my website will only last as a long as I produce good content. Unfortunately, the content can suffer if too many ads overburden it. Quite early on, I took the decision to reserve my advertising space for businesses providing content-related products or services. By doing so, ads actually expand the content and furnish additional, valuable information for my readers.

If you are wondering whether your target group is among my readerships, let me fill you in. At this point in time, 17’000 unique monthly visitors frequent this site. Website stats indicate, the majority of readers are below the age of 30, and share an interest in parenting. Many seek specific advice or related products and services. Businesses catering to parents can benefit considerably from advertising on my website. The aim is to support you, while also providing my readers with valuable, additional information.

Your Top Online Advertising Opportunity

Online advertising is far more targeted, lasting and result-focused than TV, radio or print advertising. Savvy businesses have learned how effective online ads published on the right website can be. Rates are considerably lower and the precise advertisement monitoring process ads an additional beneficial dimension. Advertisers no longer need to advertising and blindly hope for the best. Instead, web analysis tools instantly gather relevant stats and demonstrate whether the ad is producing the desired results.

We use the latest web analysis tools, monitor ads on a continual basis in an effort to maximize our advertisers return on investment. Some of our advertisers also avail of our Social Media advertising drives to even further expand the reach of their ad.

Our rates are very competitive and your sizable return on investment is all but guaranteed.

Well Designed Ads, Smartly Placed

Visually evocative ads draw viewers in and produce clicks, and consequently, we spend quite a lot of time on designing top-quality ads. Taking your wishes into consideration, we find the best way to create an ad that will ultimately draw our readers to your website. Placement is equally important. Rates vary depending on the prominence of your chosen space, however, we also try to link your ad to relevant blog post content. If your ad relates to a particular post, we will publish it there for the benefit of our readers and your business.

What to Do Next

If you would like to advertise on my website, please email me at I will personally send you an information package. A few days later, I will get in touch to hear your thoughts and discuss a possible collaboration. When you decide to proceed, we start by finding out about the products and services your business provides. We then choose a suitable duration and start date and proceed to design your ad. Finally, we select the best location on our website and proceed with publication.

As soon as your ad goes live, the monitoring process begins. If we feel your ad is underperforming, we make the necessary changes straight away.

We like to build lasting relationships with our advertisers and do our utmost to maximize the effect of your advertisement.