When I look back now, it’s hard to believe that I thought my life was over when I got pregnant at the age of 19. Back then I had lots of plans for the future and getting pregnant was certainly not one of them! Now, though, when I look at Felix and Maria, my heart takes a leap, and I wouldn’t change anything for the world.

Carlos and I

I met Carlos when I was only 15 and everyone, including Carlos and I, didn’t take our romance all that seriously. My mother just smiled and expected us to part within a short period of time. My father tried hard to hide his worries, and Carlos and I, well, we both just wanted to have a bit of fun. That’s not to say, we weren’t completely infatuated, far from it! We were, but fun was what kept us together. What I loved most about Carlos, when I met him, was his sense of humor. Apart from being extremely attractive, he made me laugh! Being 15, we’d often skip school and go off on a little romantic outing, much to the horror of both sets of parents. They did worry but chose not to try and break us up, banking on our feelings fizzling out sooner rather than later. But we just had too much fun and spent an ever increasing amount of time together.

In the end, we had to promise to see out the rest of our education. We had retained a small bit of common sense and ambition and ultimately appreciated our parents’ efforts to try and get us on a viable career path as quickly as possible. We both started college and kept seeing each other, and soon, our parents recognized the depth of our relationship. They were quite happy with the way things were. Anyhow, at that point, we were adults and had to take responsibility for our own lives. Everything was going swimmingly until the day “I was late”. I didn’t even have to take a pregnancy test, I just knew, and our world collapsed!

Along Came Felix

I was in complete shock, depressed, and horrified. Carlos was the calmer one between us, he actually managed to keep a cool head and take my pregnancy in his stride. I spent the first few weeks of my pregnancy berating myself for allowing it to happen. My morning sickness was atrocious, morning, after morning, I would get violently sick and only recover toward lunchtime. Carlos had no option but to remain calm and come up with a plan for our utterly changed lives. He went to both sets of parents to tell them the news. Because I was so sick and upset, everyone rallied around us and started providing support right away. We all agreed it would be important to finish college, and Carlos started working on weekends to make some money. A few months in, when I started showing, and particularly when Felix started kicking, my horror turned into joy and anticipation. I started embracing motherhood and began to look forward to the birth.

Straight after the momentous event that is childbirth, when I held the little guy in my arms for the very first time, all the fear and dread vanished.

New Parents

Soon after getting home from the hospital and settling into a new routine, Carlos and I began to realize just how much our lives had changed. The first year was filled with joy, however, not without struggles. Becoming a parent is ultimately a shock to the system that requires major adjustments. Once you fully accept your new role, things get a little easier. Thankfully, we had the full support of our parents, without whom we definitely wouldn’t have coped.

Of course, gorgeous little Felix took our hearts away and made us forget about the hardship every time we looked at him.

Along Came Maria

The decision to have another baby was easy. We wanted Felix to have a sibling of similar age. When Maria was born, our joy was redoubled, and we haven’t looked back since. The kids are our joy, and we still manage to find time for fun and romance once in awhile.

This Website

We set up this website for two reasons. Firstly, we wanted to share our lives with friends and relations living at a distance and secondly, I wanted to encourage teenage moms and provide support for them.

Luckily, we have managed to do both and have grown quite a following since.