A Guide To Preparing For Your First Dental Implant Procedure

The development of dental implants have revolutionised the world of dentistry not just in Australia but also the rest of the world. Special tungsten pins, for instance, have been invented, and these are inserted into the jawbone at precise positions. These will fuse with the bone in a short period of time, which provides a very solid foundation for the permanent teeth that are fitted when the fusion is complete. If you have decided to have dental implants, here is a guide to preparing for the first procedure, which is the pin insertion.

Preparing for the First Procedure

Prior to the first dental implant session, the dentist would have taken X-Rays of the jaw and decided the best location for the tungsten pin(s). The very thought of tungsten steel pins being screwed into the jawbone sounds very invasive, yet with state of the art equipment, the procedure is quite straightforward. Expect slight to moderate pain after the insertion and general over-the-counter painkillers are usually adequate. Whether you are having dental implants Northbridge clinics or any other clinic in other parts of Australia offer, the dentist would be an expert and would help you remain calm and relaxed.

Initial Swelling

It is common for the patient to experience moderate swelling during the first 24 hours after the implants are fitted. An ice pack applied to the swollen area will soon bring the swelling down. You might find it difficult to eat certain things for a few days after the first procedure, so stick to relatively soft foods for a few days.

There are articles available online providing more detailed description of the dental implant procedure. These articles might help you gain a better understanding of the treatment.

Take a Few Days To Recover

How long it takes to recover entirely depends on the number of implants fitted. If it is a single implant, many patients return to their normal activities the following day, while several implants might take a couple of days, so don’t plan anything right after the procedure is scheduled.


If you are going to receive a general anaesthetic, you should refrain from eating or drinking for a good eight hours prior to the appointment. Your dentist will tell you if this is necessary and he or she would help you to prepare completely for the first implant session.

Discontinue Any Supplements

It is not a good idea to drive after the procedure, so either arrange for a taxi to take you home, or have a friend accompany you, who can drive you home. Driving after any form of sedation is not recommended and it is best to make alternative transport arrangements that do not involve driving. If you are taking blood thinners, omega-3 fish oils or Vitamin C, then you should cease taking the supplement for 3 days prior to the scheduled appointment.

The thought of this treatment might seem a little overwhelming, but the dentist is very experienced at carrying out the procedure and he or she will help you to remain calm and relaxed. After a period of time when the implants have fused with the bone, the final stage of the procedure can be completed and you will have your perfect smile restored.

Image by rgerber via Pixabay