7 Tips to keep your Home free from Spiders

Despite their bad reputation, spiders are not known for biting people, and most species of spiders in the US are not harmful at all. If anything, spiders are the homeowner’s friend, taking their penchant for feeding on flies, moths, and mosquitoes into consideration. An infestation of spiders may however be a major cause for concern. You will have to deal with webs everywhere and there will be an increased chance you are housing venomous species.

If you are already seeing signs of a spider infestation, consider hiring a spider exterminator to get rid your house of the critters. However, if you are only trying to prevent spiders from getting into your home, here are a few tips that might come in handy:

1.     Spray peppermint oil around your home

Use of peppermint is one of the oldest ways to ward off spiders. You can either purchase ready-made diffusers or create a solution yourself using peppermint and water.

2.     Use spider repelling sprays

A solution of pepper cider vinegar can also be used to ward of spiders in same fashion as peppermint oil. All you need to do is mix a cup of the liquid with two handfuls of ground pepper, a teaspoon of cooking oil and washing up liquid. Spray it outside windows and doors and in your bathroom.

3.     Make use of ladybirds

Ladybirds have been used for the longest time as an organic remedy to spiders. Albeit they may not work for huge infestations, ladybirds can eat up to 50 spiders a day. Consider planting ladybird-attracting plants in your garden and your house will almost certainly be within their hunting perimeter. Common such plants include fennel, marigolds, and dill.

4.     Clear webs

All infestations start with one or two spiders. Check your house regularly for isolated webs and remove them immediately. This will make it impossible for the critters to settle and reproduce.

5.     Seal your house

If you have plants that extend onto your property, you are creating a good breeding ground for bugs, spiders included.

You may understandably be torn between keeping your home spider-free and satisfying your love for a leafy backyard, but there are other measures that can cancel that out. Sealing your home is one of them.

Use caulk on any nooks and crannies, and mesh netting on vents to keep the critters from crawling in.

6.     Cleanliness is key

Spiders fancy dark places full of clutter. That is why abandoned rooms tend to have more webs than well-cleaned spaces with little to no clutter. Bits of leftover food may attract pests and small insects such as houseflies and fruit flies, which will in turn attract spiders. Make it a habit to regularly vacuum your house and wipe down surfaces.

7.     Limit lighting

Although spiders are known to spin their webs in corners and dark areas, they are more active in lit rooms. Minimize lighting and always turn off the lights when you are not using them. This way you will curb spider infestations and save on electricity costs.