7 of the Best Apps to Keep Your Personal Finances in Order

Keeping on top of our finances has always been a tough ask, especially when we have different expenses going out of our banks on a regular basis. However, thanks to technology, keeping on top of our financial affairs is now much easier. Our mobiles are the answer to a lot of our problems these days, and thanks to new apps making their way into the market regularly, it means we have more tools to manage our money. If you’re looking for a top app to manage your money more effectively, consider the ones below, which are some of the most popular.

1.      Level Money

Level Money is a must have app for those looking to keep their personal finance information right at their fingertips. The app itself works with the major current accounts in the UK, so you can get information on your spending and where you need to save money. This app is the perfect acquisition for those that have monthly repayment money loans and are looking to keep on top of their spending. Track your income, spending, and other monthly expenses in one easy-to-use app that’ll let you know how much you can spend on a daily basis.

2.      Goodbudget

For something less flexible but much simpler than other apps on the market, you may want to consider Goodbudget if you’re looking to budget your expenses. This simple app lets you create multiple “envelopes” for different spending categories, so you can see where you’re spending the most money. Simple, effective and free, Goodbudget should be at the top of your list if you’re looking for a simple app to budget your expenses.

3.      Wally

Much like the other expense tracking apps on the market, Wally also offers users an easy way to stay in full control of their expenses. What sets Wally apart from the rest, though, is that it has a handy feature so you can scan your receipts and input the data automatically, which saves plenty of typing. Dividing expenses into separate categories also helps you to see what you need to do to cut costs, so you have money available every month to spend on more important matters.

4.      Credit Karma

If you’re looking for an expense tracker and credit report checker all-in-one, personal finances apps don’t get much better than Credit Karma. The app tracks all spending thanks to its bank/credit card linking features and it also recommends money loans based on a user’s credit report. The app now has more than 32 million members worldwide and is now one of the most popular personal finance apps available for both Android and Apple mobile users.

5.      Digit

Digit is the ultimate saving app for those looking to do more with their money. By taking advantage of your regular banking transactions, Digit will automatically put aside some money that it thinks you would waste on something else otherwise. Digit is completely free because the money you would earn in interest on your savings it automatically keeps. It’s worth its weight in gold, though, because the amount of money Digit makes in interest is barely anything compared to the savings you make thanks to having the app handy.

6.      Debt Manager

For those looking to get on top of their debts, Debt Manager offers an easy environment to allow you to do just that. The app was developed by Moneysupermarket, which is one of the official money saving websites in the UK, so you can expect a professional experience that’ll direct you out of debt as soon as possible. It offers plenty of debt advice and tips on how to get out of debt quickly, as well as multiple handy features that let you stay in control of your finances.

7.      OnTrees Personal Finance

The OnTrees Personal Finance app is another handy expense tracker/money manager that’s gaining more popularity thanks to its many features and the easy user experience it provides. One feature that gives OnTrees Personal Finance more credit, though, is the facility to link to your bank. By using this property, you can keep track of all your savings accounts, current accounts, mortgage and loan accounts in one easy to use environment. It saves plenty of time instead of creating new accounts or downloading multiple apps. It’s the perfect app if your finances are a little more complicated than everyone else’s. This app is available for free to both Android and Apple device owners.

The above apps only touch the surface in the apps available to improve your money management experience. You could, of course, simply download your bank app and do everything from there. However, the above apps have excellent unique features that make money management that little bit easier. Consider the above apps today and keep your finances on track so you don’t fall victim to a poor credit history.