7 Awesome Reasons Why Guinea Pigs Make Great Pets

Really, do they make great pets?

That’s a big question which has been asked for a long period of time. There are numerous breeds of guinea pigs such as American, Abyssinian and teddy guinea pig among others. Since they were discovered some centuries ago, guinea pigs have remained to be great pets up to date.

So why should you get a guinea pig as a pet?

  1. Guinea pigs are easy to care for

Who doesn’t want something that can be taken care of easily? These creatures require feed on hay, fresh water, fresh vegetables and a small amount of pelleted food formulated for guinea pigs and a vitamin C supplement daily. They also sleep on a fairly large cage lined with paper-based bedding. This cage needs cleaning daily or weekly. You just need to pay a little attention to them daily and they are good to grow. However, ensure your separate males from females even before they are a month old.

  1. They are great pets for children especially the teddy guinea pig

Do you have elementary-school-age children in your home? I would suggest you get Guinea pig more than rabbits. This is because rabbits are fragile whereas Guinea pigs are generally less skittish than smaller rodents. This makes them amazing pets for younger children. However, ensure you supervise younger children around guinea pigs as with any other pet.

  1. They are easy to trace

Unlike other pets, which can hide underneath your sofas, these great pets are easy to locate even though they will often try to find hiding places in your home if they escape. It is hard to find them lodged in places such as behind sideboards like what other pets can, although sometimes they might try and get into difficult places in your home.

  1. Guinea pigs require low maintenance

You can leave your guinea pigs while you go off to work because they enjoy their own company and less attention is required especially if they are many. What is most important is, you just need to ensure you feed them and water them. However, if you keep only one guinea pig, then it will need a great deal of attention.

  1. Guinea pigs bond easily with people

As a bonus to having low maintenance, guinea pigs are companions for older people. They are affectionate. They love being handled.

  1. Guinea pigs have long lifespan

Unlike other pets such as hamsters and rats which have a lifespan of 2 to 3 years, most guinea pigs have a lifespan of up to 5 years. This is an incredible consideration if you are thinking of having a guinea pig in your home.

  1. Guinea pigs love to express themselves

How wonderful is it to have a pet that can communicate? Guinea pigs will try and communicate with you through different sounds like spurs, squeaks, and churs. When a guinea pig realizes your presence it squeaks to acknowledge you. They can easily understand your routine and will always start squeaking whenever they hear you rustling a food back hoping to get more food.